Anthony’s Custom Motorbike

This was done a while back but the video has surfaced. Anthony Kiedis worked with Roland Sands Design to have a custom, killer whale inspired, design BMW bike made and this is the video of the reveal & test ride of the resulting bike: the RSD X Kiedis RT1200.

Screen Shots:


There is also an article and a lot of photos on the Roland Sands Design website.

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3 Responses to Anthony’s Custom Motorbike

  1. Chanterz says:

    Anthony loves his bikes. The end is hilarious with Everly checking Ant on his cursing lol. I wonder does he get to keep the swear jar money because he definitely keeps track lol.

  2. Niki says:

    Gush ….I wonder who will be the First Lady for a ride along. Sign me up

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