Brief New Anthony Kiedis Interview

Anthony Kiedis was briefly interviewed for US Weekly magazine during the premiere for Bunker 77.

Anthony was questioned about the recent photos taken of Flea naked on a hotel balcony while in Rio for Guy Oseary’s wedding:

“I’ve seen [Flea] naked since he was 15-years-old. So yeah,” the rocker told Us. “I’ve been there!”

Kiedis also spoke about balancing fatherhood with his professional life:

“[Being a dad] comes first and everything else gets the leftovers,” he gushed of his 10-year-old son, Everly Bear, who he shares with ex-girlfriend Heather Christie. “If I try to veer off that course, my son will correct me. One little crocodile tear and I’m canceling my plans for the night. Yup. It’s just love… I get more than I give. It’s not because of some sort of altruism, I get so much love from my son that whatever he needs back, he earned it.”

The full interview can be read HERE

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  1. Niki says:

    I adore this man for who he is as a dad. The greatest privledge anyone has is the blessing of raising a little human. Hoping they will be better than us, make smarter choices, and feel no greater love safely and securely near their parents. With so much heartbreak in the world, it’s refreshing to hear candidly the sacrificing it comes as second nature with parenting ❣️

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