New Anthony Kiedis Interview Ahead of the Silverlake Fundraiser

Kiedis is a silent member of the Conservatory’s board, but the school’s mission to foster human creativity resonates with him, particularly in what he calls this “Age of Mass Distraction.”

“It’s troubling and confounding but there’s also something about the human spirit that rises above all distractions and hardships—because I consider those distractions too—and make great music and great visual art and everything,” Kiedis says. “We’re still a force to be reckoned with. We send mad beauty into the world, despite our shortcomings. We have that weird thing inside of us, so the school is the perfect spot for someone who’s willing to discover that space. And it’s led by all of these people who’ve dedicated their lives to music rather than making money or being famous or being on Instagram. They want to pass their knowledge on to hungry little kids.”

There’s a new interview in the Los Angeles Magazine with Anthony Kiedis ahead of the Silverlake fundraiser. He talks about Silverlake and Mo Ostin who is being honoured at the event.

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