New Anthony Kiedis ‘Interview’

If you follow our associated Facebook page, you might have seen a (very late night for me here- why only on Facebook as I can use my phone to post there and I was in bed!) post I made last night saying that Scott Lipps was advertising on his Instagram account that there would be an interview with Anthony Kiedis on his Dash Radio show in a couple of hours.

Things didn’t go to quite to plan; you can’t listen without the radio station app, even though you can go onto Dash radio online and listen but it plays something else -as we’ve found out! Although, I fell asleep before it started because it was the middle of the night here. Also, the sound on the interview was messed up. Anyway… Scott is now saying the interview will be aired next week with the sound issues rectified.

However, if you don’t want to wait until next week, there are some segments of Anthony’s interview on Scott’s Instagram page on the Live Video feed. There’s another interview first so you need to scroll through it. You also need to use the Instagram app to be able to see the live section. The sound isn’t brilliant but you can just make out what Anthony is saying.

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