Recent Photos Are Not Current

Just for information

Some photos are being shared of Anthony & a girl throughout social media. Some photos are at a restaurant where they are talking to another famous rock star and a few are walking from (to?) the restaurant. There is also another set from a different day of Anthony and a male friend eating. They are not current. One of the celeb gossip sites has recently posted them so people are assuming they are new and current photographs, but they originally surfaced earlier this year- I didn’t share them because I don’t share intrusive paparazzi photos that are taken with a long lens of people while they are at a restaurant (the one set through the open restaurant window), as I think that is an invasion of privacy. I have no control what comes up on searches for news, but I can control what I post.

As for her being Anthony’s new girlfriend, on the information that we have, everything suggests that no relationship developed. It seemed to be a brief encounter. She has spent some time in Australia this summer and is possibly still there as she’s currently listed a model for an Australian agency. Unless she makes details public herself, I don’t think her name needs to be posted; again out of respect. (I know who she is because I happened to see a named photo of her posted at the same time as the paparazzi photos originally came out and I recognised her.)

Peace x

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