RHCP Cairo Documentary

Update on the Cairo/ Pyramids Concert/ Documentary. URGENT ACTION NEEDED! Please help try to get a change of decision! (Details below).

Sadly, this has now been pulled by RHCP’s management and currently will NOT be released due to the change in band members.

So many of us would love to have that documentary and we’ve been looking forward to its release. We saw the live footage of the concert at the time and it was amazing. And there’s the interviews, etc. which we haven’t seen. I know people were looking forward to it even more given the cancellation of the upcoming US shows (and expected cancellation of the others) and there was a lot of excitement about the news it was coming yesterday (this is why the post about it was removed).

If you would like to see this, please could you message ASAP Flea and Chad on their social media accounts and especially RHCP’s management- there is a chance we could get this decision reversed today if enough people say they would like it:



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  1. Jessica Garcia says:

    What has Anthony Keidis and the guys been up to, I wish I would hear more news about them. I love them, I hope to see them in concert after the covid 19 is over. thanx Luv Jessica

    • admin says:

      It’s all very quiet on the news front because they have been in lock down. All work by the band on the album stopped for weeks (some/all? of the band quarantined earlier than the general lock down because they had been in contact with someone- guessing Andrew Watt as he had it- who developed the disease), so unless they have recently resumed (I don’t think they have) or are working on things individually, I think it’s a fair assumption work on a new record is out for now. The tour is pretty much cancelled; just two dates that can’t take place when originally scheduled because of the pandemic, but no news on whether they will cancel outright or be postponed (they are working really hard to reschedule the concert in Israel). Without a tour or record, there’s going to be little scope for news.

      Flea has make some general social media posts and briefly appeared on a couple of live-cast things. John did a guest DJ techno thing for a radio station and has released some of his own tracks for sale. Nothing public has been heard of AK- there have been a few paparazzi pics of him taking a stroll close to his house, but I don’t post them out of respect. But nothing from any of them specifically for the RHCP fanbase or by the band as a whole (would have been greatly appreciated by many fans). Chad and Josh are the only ones who have done anything for the fan base; Chad posted a “guess the song” thing daily on Instagram for several weeks which was really loved and the wonderful Josh is releasing at least one song a week via the Pluralone social media accounts (some covers and also some of him playing the Pluralone tracks. He also played on a charity live-stream in memory of a RHCP fan).

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