Anthony Kiedis at MTV’s Baseball Challenge (1992)

In the absence of something new, this video of MTV’s Third Annual Rock N’ Jock Softball Challenge from 1992 was recently posted online. Anthony Kiedis can first be seen at 4:35. He can also be seen at 14:37, a few times between 19:17 and 19:53 and then he catches around 24:37 until about 24:56. You can also see Kiedis a couple of times between 36:28 until 36:49- he sings and runs -and finally, he hugs a girl around 46:03.
Anthony’s father, Blackie Dammett, was also there. You can see him around 38:03 in the background on the left.


Many thanks to Sister Witch for the link and the time details.

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  1. Jamie says:

    The girl he hugs at the end is Lori Petty from Point Break 🙂

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