Kiedis: A Dagger Tattoo and A Deep Kick…

A five minute clip, entitled ‘Deep Kick’, has been posted on YouTube by a long-time RHCP fan. Deep Kick was the name given to the “lost” documentary which was made/being made of the recording of RHCP’s One Hot Minute album. Video was filmed over the three year recording period, but the final documentary was never released. Only some brief clips have previously surfaced e.g. in the My Friends video and it’s not even known how much of the documentary was made/completed. It was apparently dropped because it showed some negative aspects to the band e.g. band members arguing and drug use (Anthony being high).

This recently uploaded video clip shows brief live footage of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and some shots of them in a coach and a car. There is some footage of individual band members, but the main footage in the clip was filmed in Amsterdam and concentrates on Anthony Kiedis. It is filmed at Henk Schiffmacher’s tattoo studio and shows Henk working on the first of Anthony’s dagger tattoos.

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