To “TA” This is Not Anthony Kiedis!

This is a note to “Tim A” who has sent me numerous legal documents through Rocket Lawyer to which I can’t reply. This site has nothing to do with Anthony Kiedis himself. It clearly states “unofficial” in the banner and also on the contact form, disclaimer, etc.

I presume you are trying to contact Anthony himself as the emails are addressed to him and the claims seem to be (I’m not a legal expert and I’m not really sure what the documentation is claiming and this is my assumption) for unspecified amounts against copyright infringements of unnamed songs. That has nothing to do with me. I am just a fan running a fan site. I’m posting this on the off-chance you see it as I don’t want to be involved in this, and as you are contacting the wrong person, it’s pointless for yourself. Anthony Kiedis has no social media accounts that are public so there is no way to contact him online in the way you are doing. I have no contact with him myself (again specified several times on this site).

I would suggest that the best way to pursue your claims is with either the band’s management (they have recently left their long standing management company and no details have been made public that I am aware of as to their new management for me to give you) or their record label (Warner Bros).

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