RIP Blackie Dammett

Rest in Peace

Blackie Dammett/ John Kiedis

“Lord of the Sunset Strip”

7th December 1939-12th May 2021

The cruelty that is dementia has reached its inevitable end and Blackie, so sadly, passed away earlier today (12th May).
I know many of us here have fond memories of Blackie as the Head Honcho of the RHCP fan club. Others will have memories of someone who went on to become a dear friend, whether in real life or online. Some will know him as an actor and some of you will be family. You may only know him as the father of Anthony Kiedis and may have possibly have read his autobiography, ‘Lords of the Sunset Strip.’ He was also a talented artist, a collector of skulls and a champion of wolf dogs…

Blackie was a flamboyant, larger than life, character who blazed his own trail through life. His life certainly wasn’t conventional- nor was his method of parenting- and had its rollercoaster of ups and downs, but in later years he very much found his place leading the tribe of RHCP rockinfreakapotomi as president of the official fan club. He didn’t just produce the fan club magazine or organise meet-ups, but there was often a personal aspect too with individual letters or little mementos sent out to fans along the way. Blackie was an amazing link between the band and the RHCP fan base, and since his retirement, he has been very much missed having left a huge void in his wake.

I personally have missed my chats with Blackie about art and literature, & the crazy details of his life and his latest exploits. Helping with his book was fun and I was so delighted to be mentioned in the credits.

My thoughts and love, and I’m sure those of many of us, go to all of Blackie’s family and friends at this sad time, but especially to Peggy, Anthony, Everly Bear, Julie and Jen.
Rest in peace, my friend. Our friend. Head Honcho. 💔


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4 Responses to RIP Blackie Dammett

  1. SACI says:

    Well put Ms Rebecca. He took some serious time to personally answer we club members. I lit a candle for him four years ago; lit another red votive at a local Marian Shrine on the 12th (unaware that he was passing). Will light a 3rd at El Tiradito shrine (he’d love that).

  2. Drew says:

    Whether writing whatsoever or not, I feel bad for Anthony, Everly and anyone/everyone grieving right now; this isn’t just some random headline when a fan loves RHCP and has read Scar Tissue.

    I thought ‘Saviour’ was for John Fruciante but I’m emotional now reading that it was actually from Anthony to his dad.

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