New Anthony Kiedis Interview with RHCP in NME

“I really didn’t want to tell the same old story that we’ve been hearing for the last 50 years in rock music,” Kiedis says defiantly. “I liked reaching out in 10,000 directions and seeing what was out there. We weren’t limiting ourselves but trying to tap into something that is honest and emotional. Hopefully we’ve said something that hasn’t been said before, or at least said it in a way that hasn’t.”

There is a new interview with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the release of their new single, Black Summer, and the forthcoming album, Unlimited Love. It contains a number of quotes from Anthony. Enjoy!

You can read the full article HERE 

You can see scans of the magazine that’s referred to in the new interview in our scan collection: NME August 1998

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