Anthony’s Current Properties

Anthony currently lives in Malibu, California in a large house near to the ocean and a number of surfing beaches. According to public records, the house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms and it was purchased through a trust. It has a large garden with a pool and jacuzzi. He also owns a property in Hawaii on the island of Kauai.



There are a couple of videos online that were taken inside his Malibu home:

The Crew, Episode 3

(Make sure you select ‘watch movie’ under the video box or you will just see the trailer).

Gadget’s Electric Garage:

Screen Shots:

AK's home was used in this photo shoot (photos by David Mushegain for Vogue Russia)

AK’s home was used in this photo shoot (photos by David Mushegain for Vogue Russia)

There’s a possibility that Anthony Kiedis also owns a home in the outskirts of Las Vegas; it seems that he put in an offer for the property (are records of it going to escrow) but there are no details of an actual purchase.


Please note:

I’ve debated posting this information so many times as it’s something that comes up a lot- hopefully it will be enough to answer people’s questions without people feeling the need to go and search for more information. (I’ve not listed the sources I’ve used because they contain a lot more information than I’ve used here).

None of the information I’ve used takes a PhD to find but if you decide to find out more, please respect Anthony’s privacy and do not try to make any contact with him. Remember also that the addresses given online might not be accurate so please don’t mail things of value as they might not reach Anthony himself and he’s very unlikely to keep them or reply even if they do.

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  1. Tim says:

    Hi there. I’ll be in California June 9th-17 and I’m wondering if you know where Anthony or Flea or any of the chili peppers usually hang out?


  2. Esther says:

    I saw him this summer in August 2017. With his dog and his kid at point dume. I adore him since I’m in college and I’m so stupid that I couldn’t find the courage to talk to him. I regret it now. But we share a smile and it’s a good memory anyway 😘

  3. Nia:wen Brother
    Time to come home lil bear! to your motherland, centre of your universe is calling
    should be a blast Eh?
    Bring that blonde dude!


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