Anthony’s Current Properties

Anthony currently lives in Malibu. According to available records he lives in a 3,944-square-foot house that he brought through a trust in 2005 for $4,825,000. Apparently this is the house:

RHCP vocalist point dume house

According to the public records given on the same realtor details website, he also owns a house Hawaii, which he also bought through the same trust in 2005 for $2,600,000. In addition, he owns two properties in his native Michigan: a 6-acre estate in Rockford, Michigan and a house in Lowell.

There’s a possibilty that Anthony Kiedis also owns a home in the outskirts of Las Vegas; it seems that he put in an offer for the property (are records of it going to escrow) but there are no details of an actual purchase. The Las Vegas house is a lot smaller than his LA main residence; it’s 2,164 square feet and has just two bedrooms. The house was built in 1990 and overlooks a golf course:

View overlooking the Spanish Trail Golf Course/Country Club:

Please note: I’ve debated posting this information so many times, but have decided to go ahead as the issue has raised itself again in a Facebook discussion I’ve just seen- hopefully it will be enough to answer people’s questions and help to maintain privacy without people feeling the need to go and search for more information. (The information I’ve given is based on a couple of websites; I’m not going to link to them as sources because of the information they contain).

This should provide enough information to satisfy general curiosity but if you do decide to go and search for more, please respect Anthony’s privacy and do not try to make any contact with him; be aware that in LA, there are armed guard companies that house holders pay to protect their property so turning up at any address you find isn’t a good idea!  Remember also that the addresses given might not be accurate so please don’t mail things of value as they might not reach Anthony himself and he’s very unlikely to keep them or reply even if they do).





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  1. Tim says:

    Hi there. I’ll be in California June 9th-17 and I’m wondering if you know where Anthony or Flea or any of the chili peppers usually hang out?


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