Property Previously Owned: 8960 St. Ives Drive

NOTE: Anthony did not live in this house- I’ve added it as many websites stated that he did to clarify.

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Anthony Kiedis bought 8960 St. Ives Drive, just off the Sunset Strip, in LA for 2013 for $3.65 million. He sold it less than two years later; the asking price was $4.295 m.

Many people believed this to be Anthony’s own home (at least the journalists talking about it when it was listed for sale did), but he lives in Malibu. The house was purchased as a home for his father, Blackie Dammett. Blackie had decided to live in LA once more and initially lived in a rented property in Malibu before moving into this house. However, Blackie only lived here for a short time. He returned to Michigan as he was ill and it made sense for him to be nearer friends and family, and somewhere more familiar, as he was suffering from dementia. The house was sold.

Anthony then bought Blackie another home in the Grand Rapids area. This house was a beautiful, riverside property and Blackie lived there with increasing support until it was necessary for him to move into the care facility where he remained until his death. The MI  house was sold early in 2o21. (Anthony had previously bought Blackie houses in Rockford, MI and also Portland, Oregon).