AK & Helena Vestergaard

UPDATE: February 2015- Relationship Over?

As can be seen in the comments below, there has been speculation that Anthony’s relationship with Helena was over. The last photos published of the two together were in late November last year and Helena looked really miserable in them (there was the one where AK was holding her and she looked like she’d rather be anywhere else and last ones were of the couple having Thanksgiving coffee together). Sometime in the last days of November/beginning of December, Helena went back to Australia and was there in time to celebrate her 21st birthday on 4th December. There seemed to be no sign of Kiedis at either the family meal or a party (girlfriends) to celebrate the next day according to the photos on Helena’s Instragram. It was unlikely Kiedis was there over Christmas as the Daily Mail released photos of him on a beach in Malibu just before Christmas and RHCP played a surprise gig just into New Year- Australia isn’t the sort of place you pop over to from LA for the weekend given flight times. Helena seems to celebrate New Year with friends before going on holiday(s)  with some of them. Vestergaard returned to LA at the end of January after a two month absence… on exactly the same day that Kiedis was in Las Vegas attending the UFC match (a couple meeting up after two months apart would surely have times things differently).

The split seems to have been confirmed by photographs that have just been released by Getty Images of Anthony attending a fashion show in NYC clearly with another woman. See HERE for more information.



Anthony and Helena Vestergaard were first spotted together early in 2013; the two were photographed at a Lakers game on 14th February when Helena fell asleep during the game (story from the Daily Mail below). The two have been dating since then and have regularly been seen together.

 Who is Helena Vestergaard?

Helena Vestergaard by Brett Borwn for  MONSTER CHILDREN Magazine #39:

Helena is a Australian model who works for Chadwick Models.

“I got my big break when [photographer] David Mushegain was in Melbourne- my home town- touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He was looking for girls to photograph, and my friend suggested me. David asked if I wanted to do a shoot for Vogue Japan and it all started from there.” Teen Vogue


Source: http://chadwickmodels.com/wp-content/uploads/Scan_20130809_094822_002.jpg

Some Examples of Anthony and Helena featuring in the Media:

From February 2013

Chalk this up to a pretty bad Valentine’s date.

While many couples were out having dinner and enjoying romantic evenings, on Thursday Anthony Kiedis wanted to see the Los Angeles Lakers play so he bought his latest girlfriend along.
However, while the Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman thought the date – and especially the game – was going great, the beautiful brunette could not even stay awake.

Sitting courtside, the pair – who both wore Laker’s T-shirts – started off well, gazing into each other’s eyes and holding hands.

But the 50-year-old’s date could not last for the less than an hour long game, first leaning on her beau’s shoulder and then curling up under a giant blanket-like cardigan.

His date’s cat nap was clearly a bad omen as the Laker’s lost to fellow Los Angeles team the Clippers.

The identity of the brunette – who wore the casual date look of black ripped jeans and a Western shirt with punk creeper shoes – remains a mystery.

Anthony – who has a child with model Heather Christie – is known as a ladies man.

Just last month, the singer was rumoured to be dating Australian model Lara Bingle. The pair went on a Down Under road trip with the model posting pictures of her and the rocker looking very in to each other.

Full story can be read HERE

14th August 2013.

Paparazzi photos of Anthony & Helena walking around West Hollywood. Daily Mail

18th November 2013.
Photos of Helena and Anthony at a Lakers game and earlier on during the day at the LA Farmers Market Daily Mail

3rd February 2014
Article on Helena and Anthony in International Business Times Asking who is Helena Vestergaard and talking about RHCP’s Superbowl show.

16th February 2014:

Paparazzi photos & commentary of Anthony going to the Farmer’s Market with Helena and Everly Bear. Daily Mail

22nd March 2014

Article in the Daily Mail about the couple who were seen jogging near Anthony’s Malibu home.

14th October 2014

Another Daily Mail article this time mostly about Helena Vestergaard and a photo shoot featuring her for Australian clothing company, Ksubi. Anthony Kiedis is mentioned a few times as her boyfriend. Lots of photos of Helena. Also a paparazzi video of the couple having coffee was posted at the same time: video

IMPORTANT Info: Comments Section
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57 Responses to AK & Helena Vestergaard

  1. sylvie says:

    i love anthony kiedis with love from austria sylvie

  2. Yola says:

    How old is she?

  3. melissa says:

    she is 20 yrs old not 30

  4. Breanna says:

    They just get younger and younger. That is so rude to fall asleep. I’d be total embarrassed. Must of been way past her bedtime..

  5. kathy says:

    can i just say. yes she is young and very skinny.
    but i have always been a fan of anthony’s and if she makes him happy, i am happy for them.
    best wishes to them

  6. Robert says:

    She is a model, as everyone know’s-weight is important, in getting and keeping a job, the couple do look happy, they will be good for each other- sometime’s after a long day, have to find a nap somewhere;), tony and new girfriend, enjoy time together. 18,19 or 20 fokes wake up, it don’t matter, she is of age and mind.

  7. Bryant says:

    She’s only 18, don’t like the Rolling Stones

  8. kathy says:

    one thing i like about him. he seems to be loyal to his woman. he does not appear to cheat on them.
    and with all the media hipe and pictures of him and pick a girlfriend, he would have trouble cheating without anyone knowing

    • Laurena pardo says:

      Are you kidding me? Anthony keidis is far from monogamous. He has a problem staying faithful..hence the dozens of girlfriends. He even cheated on his girlfriend Heather when she was pregnant and found out from a random tourist who took a picture of Anthony. Not even paparazzi, just some random guy taking a picture

  9. Renay says:

    Hello RHCP.
    I don’t understand people leaving negative comments about Tony and Helena or anybody he dates or has a relationship with. Sure you can be a fan but what do you really know? Get a grip on yourselves and get your own relationships or a puppy!

  10. Say says:

    I think some people might be negative out of jealousy. Some might be negative because when you love a band or a singer so much you feel like you almost know him and you don’t think that person seems right for the person you think you know. I don’t know. I guess that’s how I feel sort of. Just…hope they’re happy and I am wrong.

  11. hiroko ohga says:

    My friends said  helena is only 16 years old
    I don’t Know Australian’s  common sense
    My friends said helena don’t like marriage

  12. Corinna says:

    I think that they are no longer together . Since November we have not seen them together.Helena was 3 months in Australia. She has also posted on its side instagram pictures of her ex -boyfriend.

    • admin says:

      I’m glad someone else thinks that! She went to Australia at the beginning of December and was there for her birthday, Christmas and New Year without him (not seen together and her birthday photos suggest he wasn’t at the family meal for her 21st because no space for him at the table and her party the next day seemed to be all girls. At Christmas he was photographed in LA just before Christmas and there was the surprise RHCP gig just afterwards and Oz isn’t the place you fly to from LA for a couple of days. The rest of the time she seems to have been partying hard/holidaying with her friends. She got back to LA and it seemed the next day/night she did, AK went to see the fight in Vegas which you wouldn’t really expect a boyfriend to do when his gf has come back after 2 months apart. No photos of the two since and I’ve just posted the photo of AK who seems to be alone at the Warner Bros Grammy gig yesterday. The last photos of them together are the ones of him grabbing her and she looks so unhappy on most of them (she looked miserable in all of the recent photos of her with AK whereas she looks so happy in many of those taken while back in Australia over the last two months).

      Who is the ex-boyfriend (the photographer she said she missed or the recent guy holding the teeth)?

      • Corinna says:

        Yes, it’s the guy holding the teeth.
        There is also a picture on her instagram page , where she returned from Australia to LA . But it is also a hotel room … alone .I am sure that Helena is past and we will see AK soon signed with another girl. Certainly better for them. The love of my life , it seems to be it from their side never … if you look at the pictures so .

        • admin says:

          Thanks! I thought that looked like a hotel room but my friend thought not- again interesting to see you thought the same as me (that was night AK was in Vegas for the fight). She hasn’t turned up in any of the Grammy photos of AK either.

  13. niki says:

    Yes I noticed it too! He deserves happiness we all do. It seems when I hit the almost 3 year mark I’m finished with a relationship. Has he ever been in a relationship longer then 3 years?Heather was about that long? I can’t say I’m not partially ecstatic if he moved on but I do like to see him giddy!

    • admin says:

      That’s several of us thinking it. I’m reluctant to move HV into past girlfriends just yet in case it is just a break but I’m keeping an eye the situation.

      • niki says:

        I did look at her instagram and that goofy dude does seem something’s up I feel a lot invasive but I’m so stressed it takes me out of my reality lol

  14. Roberta says:

    But isn’t her Instagram private now?

    • admin says:

      Her mum changed her settings and her sister’s account is private. I could see HV’s – checked before I replied- although I’ve been following her for a while so I can’t tell if she’s private now or not.

  15. I ‘ve been noticing that there has not been any photos of ak and Yves since there December farmers market trip. On another web site it showed the video of ths t farmers market trip. Helena was not looking happy at all. She would seem to snap at ak if he even looked let alone talk to a female. At the end of the video,Yves seemed angry at ak used all of these negative hand language gestures. Ak looked stunned as if to say what did I do now? Then the video ended very abruptly. I think I googled anthony kiedis and that is where I fell upon the video.

    • admin says:

      I saw the video as it came up in a search feed but I didn’t post it on here as it seemed too intrusive as it went on for so long -a couple of photos is one thing but walking around after someone for a while with a video camera seems a bit much to me. But yes, she didn’t look happy and there seemed to be an edge between them if if was the video where they were buying a load of grapes.

      • Jo says:

        yes the vid where they’re walking around at the farmers market buying grapes actually spoke volumes I think. AK looked really stressed, not happy smiling.

  16. Sorry for the Yves typo. I wanted to key in helena.

  17. I live in the state of indiana which is right under Michigan where ak is from. I say this because I saw the posting time as 5:58 am. Then I remembered that was UK time. I sleep during that time here in the USA not internet surfing. I am glad to see ak photographed with eb more often . Last week ak and eb were at the farmers market alone together. But, in the background there is a girl that looks like helena spying on ak and it also appears that little eb spotted her behind a white vehicle! The caption said that ak and eb were together no mention of helena!

  18. Corinna says:

    On her instagram page has a picture posted on Valentine’s Day . With a girl. Comment: My valentine . I am sure that the two are no longer together for quite a while .

    • admin says:

      My friend sent me that too; I agree with you. The last photos of them together that became public were the ones back in November where she looked less than happy to be held by him.

  19. niki says:

    Whew maybe he should try a good looking girl, who’s also a mom, who’s not in a modeling career but has a career and could care less about fame just about love….hint hint 🙂 good luck gals out there x

  20. Yes. It was the grapes video. Sour grapes unfortunately it seems.

  21. I wanted to add it was the video she was wearing a short black/white dress, and ak stopped to talk to a small child.

  22. niki says:

    Instagram photo from David Mushegain shows him alone again well in the company of David’s girl at a fashion show in Japan….

  23. niki says:

    And he’s everywhere well Japan With a new girly New chapter!

  24. ana says:

    e passageiro esta na cara

  25. ana says:

    ela e feio não parece modelo o brasil tem
    mulheres mais bonita

  26. ana says:

    Helena não amava o Anthony o que
    ela gostava era da boa vida e da fama que ele
    tava a ela nunca parecia com uma cara boa ao seu lado.

    • A says:

      Muito pelo contrario, ela me pareceu a mais apaixonada de todas as novinhas que ele ficou.
      Até as pessoas que defendiam a interesseira da mãe do filho dele não gostavam dela, isso porque: ela era pobre.
      O maior preconceito com ela foi por causa disso, esses fãs burgueses da RHCP BR.
      Era pra ele ter tido o filho com ela.

  27. Sharon Shell says:

    Time to get a life people.
    How is one to have a relationship with all of the unwanted drama.
    Wish them well and move on!

    • Niki says:

      We are all just curious creatures you wouldn’t be interested in this site if you weren’t equally enticed. I have a life career 2 wonderful kids and live in a great city I love music people life and following the interesting love life of AK lol

  28. Renay Shields says:

    I have a life somewhat. Iam a United States Navy veteran who doesn’t have any children, but I help my 70 year young mother as well as myself. I always have time to catch up on my RHCPs and of course Anthony Kiedis because he is not only super hot but he is also a very fascinating human being!

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