Anthony Kiedis and Lara Bingle

A couple of photos of Anthony Kiedis with Australian model, Lara Bingle, have recently been posted online; one of them shows Lara with Anthony at Big Day Out and was a photo that she tweeted herself:

anthony kiedis new girlfriedn lara bingle australian January 2013

And the other shows the two of them in a shop:

anthony kiedis new model blonde girlfriend Lara Bingle January 2013

As a result of these pictures, rumours have been circulating that the two are now an item but there’s nothing definite on that. However, a news story has just been posted saying that Lara Bingle has split with her long term boyfriend, Gareth Moody, and that the picture of her with Anthony Kiedis was apparently a message to Gareth that their relationship was over:

Lara Bingle has reportedly called it quits with her fashion designer boyfriend of 14 months, Gareth Moody.

The reality star, who called her beau “charming” and “a gentleman” in a Who magazine interview last year, is believed to have split with the Ksubi co-founder in recent weeks.

Lara tweeted picture of herself getting close with Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis during Big Day Out last week.

A friend of Lara’s told the Daily Telegraph that the picture with the 50-year-old rocker was a “message” to Gareth that their relationship was “dunzo”.

Lara has not confirmed the rumoured split herself, but her cryptic tweets provide some clues.

Yesterday she wrote in Italian “Il senso di una fine“, meaning, “the sense of an ending”. Late last night she followed it with the single word, “breathe”. Full story: Celebrity Fix

I’ve just found this photo (another one from Lara’s Twitter?)


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  1. Angie says:

    David Mushegain took both Instagram photos above..not the one with Lara and AK in those tie dye sweat shirts. Lots of AK photos can be found on David Mushegain’s instagram site that are quite recent.

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