Anthony Kiedis and Ruby Aldridge

UPDATED: Anthony was photographed for Vogue Russia with Ruby Aldridge and there was a lot of speculation at the time where they were dating or not.
Photos by Dave Mushegain.

I now have the magazine and have scanned the images for that: Vogue 2013

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    I think Anthony would have everyone believe he has a new girlfriend every day. I suspect however sometimes the photos taken by David Mushegain are perhaps just posed for photos. If there is more to them or not is the mystery aimed for.

  2. Erica says:

    He and Helena Vestergaard are together, her Instagram pics are often taken in the same locations ak is at and they are indeed together and cute

  3. angie says:

    it would appear that both Helena and AK are in Australia at the moment along with photographer Dave Mushegain.

  4. Breanna says:

    Ruby is into older guys. She was hanging out with Jared Leto when she was 17. She was all so with Albert Hammond Jnr from the Stokes but haven’t seen much on them Lately. She loves the rockers.

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