Anthony Kiedis & Wanessa Milhomem

UPDATE: I’ve moved this here as there seems to be no more news on this relationship at the moment.

Anthony was seen with Brazilian model Wanessa Milhomem at the Jeremy Scott Fashion Show during MADE Fashion Week 2015 at Milk Studios on February 18, 2015 in New York City. She was born in 1992 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Original post: Anthony Kiedis with new partner (now know her name)

Daily Mail article about end of  Anthony’s relationship with Helena Vestergaard

11 Responses to Anthony Kiedis & Wanessa Milhomem

  1. niki says:

    I think she may have been just a one hot minute maybe to break the ice and light some fire

  2. niki says:

    He should keep his options open….. man there are gonna be a lot of broken hearts when he finally ties the knot!

  3. Shaun Cahill says:

    I think AK has moved on. Saw this article on the 8th August showing him surfing with blonde lady but it’s in Finnish so not sure what it says.

  4. Claude gagne from Montréal says:

    Good day

    I try to join Anthony Kiedis for talking abou NA , I woudlike to give an invitation but I don’t want to talk on a wall about that.

    Please contact by email

    Thank you

  5. Malina says:

    I’ve seen she published a video from the RHCP concert in London a few weeks ago, here’s the link!

    Are they still dating then? 😉

    P.S. Helena was much prettier!!!

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