Anthony & Klaudyna

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    Ele ficou com ela….porque ele não me conhece……ora ora!!!!Kabrummmmmmmmm

  2. Violetta says:

    Anthony zagustował w Polce, Polska też mu się chyba spodobała.

  3. ANGIE says:

    From April to late Oct of this year, this young lady was off Twitter. She’s back on again. AS of today, she has now made her Twitter account private. She is definitely in Malibu to visit “friends” and family. There is a pic she took before taking her account down of Everly Bear playing with toys at AK’s house this week. She claims to have a boyfriend elsewhere, but I don’t buy it.

    Also….while I was on vacation in New Orleans, I was walking down Frenchman street on Oct 3rd, unbeknowest to me, the RHCP’S had a concert the nite of the 4th. There, with his bike and this same young lady we stopped to say hi to him. He was polite, and we told him we had tickets to see him in Kansas City. I have 2 pics that my husband took of him and a pic of her standing off to the side with her cell phone in hand looking down. Anyway, after chatting with us briefly, they took off down the street on their down seated bike.

    Needless to say, I thought I was going to die….. That will NEVER happen again!

    He plays the field and I think keeps a few girls on rotation.

  4. ANGIE says:

    I meant..”on their DOUBLE-SEATED” bike. He is also a lot littler in person. I’m not sure I would’ve spotted him right away if he hadn’t had his “OFF” t shirt on.

  5. asdf asdf says:

    she is under-age

    • Ava says:

      I was looking through some of the links that came up when I typed her name into google and it seems as if she’s still in high school… or was not so long ago (her name was placed on a website of some kind of hs).
      It’s slightly disturbing to see AK with such young girls… what kind of an example is it to everly?

  6. koannita says:

    Omg Anthony wake up…

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