Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

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  1. chilisal says:

    Dark, blonde, long, medium, short… he always looks hot 🙂

  2. jerusa felix says:


  3. Owuen says:

    te amoo anthoni eres lo mejor del mundo

  4. you got very beautiful with the mohawk love you …
    kisses from your number one fan <3

  5. Krystal says:

    Hey is so fine. I would do very bad things to that man! lol

  6. Diego montoya says:

    You sing awsome!
    And i like how you sing scar tissue i even have the lyrics
    & i like your tatoos:)
    From diego

  7. RHCP4EVER! says:


  8. Augusta Teles do Amaral says:

    Sempre lindo, muito lindo. Lindo por fora, por dentro, principalmente por dentro em seus sentimentos. É isso aí!!!!!

  9. kathly mcallister says:

    am i the only one that thinks he just gets better looking as he gets older.
    he has always been good looking.
    but dang i love the mustache and the new hair cut

    • Valeria Carroll says:

      I agree with you that he keeps getting better with age like a bottle of wine. I have always found him HOT no matter what style or hair color he has. He seems like a very wonderful person .

  10. Pijule says:

    You forgot the skin head and the mohawk hairstyle which are very cool.

    • admin says:

      I just went through the photos I’d got quickly and grabbed as many as I could; I’d like to re-do this and add in dates (even if just years) for the various hairstyles and then try to get them in order… one day! Unless anyone fancies helping out?!!

      • kai says:

        ill help i love kiedis hope u read this oh an ugh please send me ur name cnt read it too small send in bigger font. your sincely kai chopsuey………………………….

  11. kelly 567 says:

    Omg he’s fudgen gourges more than that I looooovvveeeee u from numer one fan

  12. Rebecca says:

    Anthony, I am in love with you. You are awesome inside and out. That book…. omg! I was only a little girl back then in your long hair days, had my mom allowed me to listen to your music, I would have probably would have made a way to see you! lol for real! you are the bestest! one luv… xoxo Any do is sexy boo!

  13. Debbi says:

    anthony, I’m in looove with
    your the best ever
    and evrytime very sexy too 😉
    i love uu sooo much!
    You’re beatiful inside and outside with shourt, long, meduim or blond hair .
    Lots of kisses from the girl that love u very much s2

  14. Georgiana says:

    Today – 31.08.2012, at 20:30 RHCP will perform in Romania at Bucharest one of those amazing concerts…can wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lukas says:

    hey, where can i have the photo where hes with a mohawk but just without his signature on the photo?

  16. Lauren says:

    Anthony, you are my idol and the loml. Your voice is literally the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my life and I talk and think about everyday so never stop singing because you changed my life. When I discovered the rhcp I realized that I want to be a vocalist just like you. You’re my everything. K? K.

  17. rhcplover says:

    Anthony always looked good in the 80’s and 90’s with his very long beautiful hair, exspecially in 1992. I dont think he looks good with short hair and a moustache in my opinion I have a huge crush on the younger version if him when he had really long hair, he was so hot back then

  18. rhcp says:

    preferia quando ele era loiro,ficava mais “cool”

  19. Bianca says:

    OMG I love him, he is so beautiful! I always have, he’s gorgeous and he is ageing so well…especially for someone who has really lived it up hard with the rock n roll life style am I right!?!
    But I soooo sooo wish he would grow his hair back a bit longer again!!! He is sexy as with it like that!!!

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