Scar Tissue (The Book)


“I was born in St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on the first of November, 1962. My mom wanted to name me after my dad, which would have made me John Kiedis III, but my dad was leaning toward Clark Gable Kiedis or Courage Kiedis. In the end, they settled on Anthony Kiedis, which was an homage to my great-grandfather. But  I was known as Tony…”


‘Scar Tissue’ is the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis. It was originally released in October, 2004 (Hyperion) and written by Kiedis with Larry Sloman. The book starts with Anthony’s conception and chronicles his life from birth until early 2004. It covers his childhood, early days with the band, gives details of girlfriends and his drug addiction and periods of resulting rehab. The book is named in reference to the Red Hot Chili Pepper song of the same name ( released a few years earlier on Californication). The book reached  number 1 on The New York Times Best Seller List.

TV Chat Show Interview- Kiedis being interviewed about Scar Tissue (talks aboout sox on cox, Cher babysitting him, Partridge Family shows & ozone injections:

Thank you to Iva Tanacković (Serbian magazine article), Nat Łajdyszka, Arslane Illales, Mike Spencer, Maria Birou & Laura Travaglia for sourcing the alternate Scar Tissue cover edtions.

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis-Reviews:

Q Magazine (England)

Magzine article shown in gallery is HERE with transcript (unknown source). There is also a Q Magazine review of Scar Tissue: ‘Marked Anthony’

Huper’ (Serbia) magazine  The Serbian cover photograph is taken from this article about Scar Tissue (sorry no translation yet).

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  1. Arslane says:

    Great job , I love the polish and the Italian covers !

    thank you for this 😉

  2. chilisal says:

    Interesting to see the different covers, thanks 🙂

  3. charlie says:

    thank you!! where can you find the alternate cover? (him with the long hair)

    • admin says:

      Sorry… I just saw a photo of it; not sure what country it comes from! Hopefully, someone will know.

      • charlie says:

        no worries! i can never find any other version outside of the us one..

        • admin says:

          The UK/US one is the same and that’s the only one I’ve seen tbh; I’ve never actually looked to get a non-US/UK copy but wondering if can get them online? Ebid is worldwide and I know the UK copy comes up for sale on the UK Ebid site so I’ve just had a thought that some of the other editions might come up for sale on the Ebid sites for the relevant countries?! We’d love to hear if you do find some other editions! 😀

  4. Maria Birou (Mbir Kiedis) says:

    thank u!! Great job. it is adsolutely perfect wow well done. LOVE FROM GREECE

    • admin says:

      No thank you (and everyone else!) for sharing; it’s what makes this site possible! The more people who share and help, the better the site will be for every AK fan to enjoy 🙂

  5. sirka says:

    Is there any place for Croatian front page of scar tissue?

    BTW Awesome page, thank you very much 🙂

  6. Joe Polomsky says:

    red hot chilii peppers are amazing id love to get the book i listened to there music while i was using and overcoming drugs and still listen to them after being 3 moths sober. there music is beautiful and i wish john frusciante would COME BACK so the band can be reunited as it should be…..

  7. lorena says:

    i asking you if you could help me in something
    i’m from Mexico City and i want to participate in a contest of VH1 to meet the peppers to L.A haha and one of the questions is when was released the book, i reed here that the 21st but of what month? and well the year is 2004. I will be very gratefull if you could help me! my email is

  8. nadia says:

    It’s impossible get this book in Argentina… is someone who can buy the book, and i pay back ? my e mail in thanksss

  9. Amanda Stevens says:

    I’ve been searching for months for a signed copy of Scar Tissue but with no luck would anyone know where I could look as I desperatly want to buy a copy for my partner who has fallen in love with this book…any ideas ?

    • admin says:

      Sometimes they come up for sale on eBay and Amazon other than that I have no ideas sorry. Hope you find one!

      • Amanda says:

        My partner (who the signed copy was for) stumbled across a website where you can send in a letter and request of signature from Anthony Kiedis. It appears to be part of his management team so fingers crossed it’s ligit and I can get one before his birthday in April 🙂 If your interest go to and it should give you all the info you need 🙂

  10. barbara says:

    Is there more than one Scar Tissue book. My son read 1-48 and now wants the next book. I don’t seem to find a second book?

    • admin says:

      There’s just the one that was published in 2004. His father published his own autobiography (Blackie Dammett: Lords of the Sunset Strip) in 2013 but it is obviously mostly about Blackie himself although Anthony is mentioned.

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