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From the Silverlake CoM Facebook page.

Silverlake Conservatory of Music is a non-profit making organisation whose aim is to promote the study of music for all. The music school was co-founded in 2001 by Flea and offers music lessons to children at reasonable costs, as well as granting scholarships & free instruments to those in need.

Anthony Kiedis has always supported his friend and fellow RHCP member, Flea, in this endeavour but recently he was also appointed as a Director of the charity.

Members of RHCP usually host/perform at an annual fundraising event for the Conservatory each year.

Website: The Silverlake Conservatory of Music

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  1. Beemer Madison says:

    Hi Anthony

    I’m currently a student at American Heritage in Florida, and I am looking for music related fundraisers to start at my school, and I’ve recently read (and enjoyed) your book Scar Tissue, and have been very interested in your bands endeavors. I just came across the Silverlake Conservatory for Music Fudraiser you and Flea have begun, and I would love to start some fundraising at my school, which hopefully can turn out to aid more than just students in Los Angeles. I believe what you are doing for the next generation of musicians is great, especially in the world today of computer generated “music”. I would love to be apart of something as inspiring as you have been for me, please contact me. Thank you
    Best regards
    Beemer Madison

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