Spider & Son (HBO Series)

Anthony Kiedis with portrait of father, Blackie Dammett

‘Spider and Son’ is the (working) name of a TV series that is currently being produced based on Anthony’s early years. It draws on his autobiography, ‘Scar Tissue’ and concentrates on his younger life in 1970s LA with his father, actor and drug-dealer to Hollywood’s celebrities, Blackie Dammett. The series is currently scheduled for HBO and is being written by John Sayles. It has a rough broadcast time of late 2010. Blackie Dammett recently confirmed via Facebook, that the pilot script has been delivered to HBO for approval.

Little more is known about the series although some sources state that Kiedis will make cameo guest appearances and possibly do the voice over; no actors have been confirmed as yet. 


UPDATE: It seems that this series has gone quiet; the pilot was delivered but nothing more seems to have come of it as yet. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear any news.

July 2011: Blackie recently posted this in response to a question on his Facebook wall:

Anthony kiedis Spider and son HBO series


Blackie Dammett: Looks like it will be postponed until the tour is finished sometime in 2013.

Update October 2011:

A couple of websites have been reporting that the series has now been transferred to FX who will develop Scar Tissue through FX productions and Catapult 360. It also seems that John Sayles, who was originally writing the project, might have been dropped. See our news post on this here: Spider and Son / Scar Tissue on FX

7 Responses to Spider & Son (HBO Series)

  1. SamBam says:


    Anthony and the rest of the peppers are such an inspiration to myself and my music.
    You can guarantee that I will be on my couch every week GLUED to the television when this show is on.

  2. I love this pic. A.K. is so stylish and sexy in this one.

  3. J.Felix says:

    Simplesmente Fantastico

  4. Love to see this !!!!!!!!!

  5. Maggie says:

    Anthony é uma inspiração pra miim . !! Muito liindo , (L)

  6. Beatriz says:

    Eu fico muito honrada de ser uma fa de um cara como vc, depois de tudo de sua vida ssempre continuou na banda e venceu um dos seus maiores desafios as drogas…
    Melhor frase: e facul ser uma marginal.Difícil é ser um dos melhores guitarristas do mundo, ou um dos melhores compositores”.

  7. maria says:

    anthony eu te adoro sonho com o dia que eu vou te conhecer e gotaria de passar um dia inteirinho com voce voceis sao demais .

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