This site has been put together by a long standing fan of  the Red Hot Chili Peppers drawing on my experience of moderating & running various RHCP sites and forums over the last few years. At the beginning of 2010 I realised that, unlike for a couple of other members of the band, that there was no dedicated page to the lead vocalist of RHCP, Anthony Kiedis, himself and as I had been doing a web design course I decided to rectify that (even though my original plan to design the whole site myself got shelved due to time and I decided to use WordPress for the bulk of it instead!).  My hope is that this will become the ultimate factual resource on the Internet dedicated to Anthony Kiedis with news updates, up to date biographies and information pages, plus the biggest online collection of articles/magazine scans dedicated to the man himself. 

We welcome all visitors and hope they enjoy the resources I have gathered here as much as I have enjoyed collating and collecting it all!

I also run a Red Hot Chili Peppers news & information site with an associated forum which has an active Anthony Kiedis section, so please feel free to check those out if you like AnthonyKiedis.net



7 Responses to About

  1. choddie says:

    do you have a newsletter?

  2. Tina Priddy McKim says:

    Rebecca, I wanted to post something on your FB wall this morning and I can’t find you anywhere.. Have you gone AWOL? LOL!

  3. Jerusa felix says:

    simply wonderful

  4. Ana Paula Machado Merli says:

    I love anthony so much..

  5. Shir says:

    Anthony i lovee youuu! You full of talent, and very sexy man!!

  6. Authony Kiedis,

    Your book is amzing, I reading it on the audio mobile app. I’m only 19 years of age, I’m in the process of writing my own book right now. I have a crazy life growling up, Maybe I once it get published, you would read it??

    Landon Price

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