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OK, the more personal stuff… Why This Website?

This website was originally set up by Rebecca B (Squitherwitch on the old RHCP forums):

Back in January 2010, I suddenly became aware that there was a website (now closed) dedicated to the then new RHCP guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer; just departed guitarist John Frusciante had a long-established site (Invisible Movement) and it seemed wrong that Anthony himself had no dedicated site. Through my experiences with the online RHCP world, I knew that Anthony was often the main focus of attention within the band yet information on him was sketchy or often inaccurate which I felt was doing him – and the fans – a big disservice. I also wanted a site that was a sensible and a considered source of information which concentrated on the facts and not how much someone adored Anthony himself.

In addition, RHCP are so important in my life but for me personally, Anthony’s lyrics really define the band’s music and I also love the online RHCP community so combining everything and creating this website seemed to be the obvious thing to do and the idea for this was born. I then spent several months working on content for the site before going live in November 2010.

More recently, there is also the added connection through addiction which has become so important to me during the last few years. Sadly my husband was an alcoholic and it resulted in his death in June 2012. Anthony’s biography ‘Scar Tissue’ helped me to understand some things in a way only an addict could. It provided me with inspiration that addiction can be overcome and although my husband didn’t take the same path, Anthony’s life gives me hope because he overcame addiction and hopefully people can take inspiration from his story to beat their own personal battles.

Note: Blackie Dammett was made aware of the site before it went live and gave it his blessing. We would never intentionally cause distress or harm to either Anthony or any of his real life friends and family.

We welcome all visitors and hope they enjoy the resources we have gathered here as much as the team involved have enjoyed collating and collecting it all!

The Chili Source

There is also the original, sister, site to this one which is dedicated to the band as a whole:  Red Hot Chili Peppers news & information site so please feel free to check this out if you like AnthonyKiedis.net. The other site houses the main magazine scan collection, photos relating to the whole band, band interviews etc. whereas this one just obviously concentrates on Anthony Kiedis himself.  There are now over 500 articles scanned and online in the main article scan collection.

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  1. choddie says:

    do you have a newsletter?

  2. Tina Priddy McKim says:

    Rebecca, I wanted to post something on your FB wall this morning and I can’t find you anywhere.. Have you gone AWOL? LOL!

  3. Jerusa felix says:

    simply wonderful

  4. Ana Paula Machado Merli says:

    I love anthony so much..

  5. Shir says:

    Anthony i lovee youuu! You full of talent, and very sexy man!!

  6. Authony Kiedis,

    Your book is amzing, I reading it on the audio mobile app. I’m only 19 years of age, I’m in the process of writing my own book right now. I have a crazy life growling up, Maybe I once it get published, you would read it??

    Landon Price

  7. mary Murphy says:

    See now, that’s exactly what the admin does NOT want….trying to plug your book on her webpage…absolutely no self respect. You are 19. Anthony would probably laugh at the idea that you have enough life experience to fill a book, no matter how “crazy” your 19 years have been you simply to not have enough life experience to write a memoir. Geesh. Sorry if I overstepped any boundaries but this isn’t a marketplace.

  8. admin says:

    Thanks for your care Mary. I’m actually pretty relaxed about links that are genuine and have a connection to the website – I don’t like advertising links such as for t-shirts or fake handbags. If the book gets written and is linked to RHCP/AK in some way, I’ll have a look at it and take it from there. Thanks 🙂

    Landon, sorry but this is an unofficial site. It has no link with AK himself and I have no contact details for him so I can’t forward anything to him to read.

  9. Anthony, I love you.
    Maybe I have to leave this fucked up country.
    It does not give me shelter and takes and takes…
    Maybe I will move soon to Israel.
    I will see you here or there. We are one.
    Yours Anna

  10. Sarah hoyt says:

    Hey. Hi I doubt it will ever get to you but I’m 25 and your the only band out there I can relate too. I have followed and kow.what’s going on with the band but. Let me just say your music and voice make my day a little beter. I should be into techno. Bit fuck n. You and your music is my . My name is Sarah shput89

    • Lynne DiSanti says:

      While you do seem to appreciate Anthony Kiedis’ voice & RHCP music,you should also appreciate his awesome lyrics! There is where most of his creativity is presented to us RHCP lovers! By the way,listen to “Police Station” for some really beautiful lyrics!

  11. Luca S. says:

    Thank you so much for making and running this site! I’m a huge RHCP fan and recently finished Scar Tissue and I want to learn as much as possible about AK/RHCP and your website has helped me a lot in doing that.

  12. Chuck Antrim says:

    Hey how’s it going? I’m in rehab at the VA down the street from the pier. It would be an inspiration for me and many others if you would be a guest speaker for on of our meetings. Low profile. In and out. No drama. In and out. Lots of injured vets in recovery. Your music gets me through the down times. Cheers Chuck

    • admin says:

      Sorry we’re an unofficial site and I’m just a fan. We have no contact with AK himself in anyway. I wish I could pass this message on as it’s something close to my heart too. Have had personal contact with the whole addiction journey but for us it wasn’t successful and I’m now a widow bringing up two kids alone as a result so I understand how important this is and wish I could help sort this out for you. I wish you all the best on your road to recovery. Keep strong.

  13. Ciska Glachant says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you very much for this website.
    I’m sorry to read about your experience with the lethal consequences of addiction and wish you and your family strength and courage. Scar Tissue indeed reaches people on both sides of that trip. I’m also sorry to see that too many people do not read well and leave messages for AK on this website. Quite annoying. I do admire your gentle way of handling these comments.

    Being famous kinda makes it impossible to actually reach the artists on a personal level, but what they have to share with the fans is their work, their music. A thing most people don’t seem to understand besides the fact of respecting the privacy of these artists. They have a private life too after all.

    I do appreciate AK sharing a very personal part of his life by publishing Scar Tissue and am happy to read it has helped you to better understand the disease of addiction which had such a devastating result on your husband and your family.
    The book also gave me an idea of the way RHCP make their music and how it reflects their personalities. I like their music even more for it.

    As a fan of RHCP and their front man, I thank you again for this website, it sure is a pleasure to find information without the usual gossip and idolization, and with great respect towards the artist and fans.

    Kind regards,

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to make those lovely comments. I really appreciate it. It’s always nice to know that people appreciate this site <3

  14. Norma Cole says:

    Great site! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could locate the Anthony Kiedis interview on The Howard Stern Show from October 2004?
    Ive searched and searched but it seems to have been archived 🙁

  15. Jordan says:

    I hope you don’t find this rude, but I’m a huge fan of Anthony’s and love collecting all things Kiedis and Chili Pepper. I was wondering if you have any memorabilia you’d be willing to sell?

    • admin says:

      Some of my collection was given to me personally so I obviously don’t want to part with that and the rest is stuff I’ve collected myself so has a lot of personal memories. However, I was given some of Blackie’s Rockifreakapotmus fan club materials. I have given most of it away but I have a RHCP sticker if you’d like that? There’s an email on the contact page. Message me with your address if you’d like it.

  16. Margaret says:

    My name is Margaret and I have no idea how to contact Mr. Kiedis. It involves a dream, it may have no relevance to me at this time but it may have him or someone he knows.
    This may seem odd to most people but it may keep someone safe, I hope you will understand my strange request.
    Most times my dreams are clear to me straight away and then others can be hard to interpret, like this one.
    The dream is: Antony is in a nightclub sitting on a small stage, legs crossed, with long hair, bare feet playing an acoustic guitar, singing a new song he wrote, upon receiving a standing ovation comes off the stage and walks to the back of the room with his manager to where I am standing. The manager says to me “you must be the roadie here take this.” He hands me a brand new electric flat matt black guitar. Then the manager says to me “you have good hands for a roadie no long nails you won’t scratch the guitar, we don’t want it to get to get scratched.” The manager and Anthony both then led me to a small lounge chair where I sat in the middle holding the guitar while someone started taking photos. Then a female model showed up and insisted she is in the pics as it is her right. During the time I sat on the couch I was focused on this guitar, it was not only new but had a different shaped front to it never seen one like it before and we talked about other things then I woke up.
    I know it is only a dream to some people but when it comes to me, often it’s not. There is an electric guitar Anthony may know the person who owns it, the guitar may have a fault, the equipment that is used with, roadies set gigs up, or someone may be ill not know and need see a doctor, the Manager, Anthony, or the person who owns the guitar one of the roadies they know. If that is not what the dream means and all is okay and nothing else means anything to them in the dream then obviously it has to do with me, then that is okay. I know it seems strange-wired and all but if there was any way of letting them know that would be great.
    Many thanks.
    Regards Margaret.

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