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  1. Almir Prado Neto says:

    I would like help to connect me with Anthony Kiedis, I found the whole history of that tattoo he has on back.Happened the same history with me and I really want help him to do the same tattoo in my back.I hope your help.Please and Thanks

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry but we can’t put you in contact with AK as we don’t have any contact with him either; we’re just fans too. My only suggestion would be to write to him via the record company, Warner Bros, (will be an address on their CDs or you could look online). I don’t know if he’d be able to help you though. If you want information, the tattoo was done in Amsterdam by Henk Schiffmacher. This is his website: Other than that, find a good and clean tattoo studio where you live and print out some photos of AK’s tattoo and take them with you to show them. Hope you get it sorted 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Sorry there is no performance booked for Anthony/RHCP that we know of; two concerts have been announced for this year -one in Japan and the other is Rock in Rio. If any more conert dates are confirmed or any public appearences announced, we will post them here so please keep checking back to see. As for where he lives, again sorry we don’t have an addresss for him. Knowing where he goes is a matter of luck I guess; he’s often surfing on one of the Malibu beaches and is spotted around there and in LA itself but there is nothing definite I can say to you. Sorry we can’t help you more; hope you’re lucky and you get to see him!

  3. Vickynesci says:

    THANK YOU!! do u know where can I send him a letter??? Im trying to localize the recording studio where they are… I will let u know any new!! 🙂

    • admin says:

      A fan posted on

      comparing photos posted by Flea on Twitter of RHCP’s current recording studio and photos taken during the recording of Californication and it looks like the same studio. The studio used then was Cello Studios so it seems that they are using the same studio today. I just had a quick look and found this address:
      Cello Studios
      6000 W Sunset Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90028

      Obviously, this is not definite information so please don’t hold us responsible for wrong info! We know nothing definite. The other option is to send a letter via RHCP record company.

  4. chibi says:

    Are there any known adresses to send letters to where there’s a chance he might get them ? I’m a bit lost when it comes to finding them. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Sorry I don’t have a definite address; I always recommend that people try to contact him through the RHCP record company (Warner Bros) -address is usually on the back of RHCP CDs-but I have no idea whether they get through to him or not.

  5. Kevin says:

    Hello I saw a video on You Tube where Mr.Keidis was talking about a surfing organization that he was helping out and he was wearing a gray tee shirt that spelled the letter Andy Warhol ( something INC I couldn’t make it out the camera went to fast ) Could you please tell me where he bought that tee? I would really like to have one. Thank you for your time and concern. Kevin

  6. Juliana Tanabe says:

    Hello, Good Afternoon! I’m from Brazil, Model and TV presenter! I’m doing a tribute to the RHCP and especially to my dear Anthony Kieds! This is a great professional job with my photos with the theme of RHCP! you could direct me to an address where they actually receive this material?
    Thank you so much ….
    Juliana Tanabe!

  7. admin says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t do anything; I’m just another fan! I don’t have any contact details for AK or any of RHCP to ask them. I don’t have any access to free tickets either; have spent out paying for my own tickets to see them 🙁 I hope you manage to sort something for him though!

  8. Olá, sou do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro) e gostei muito do seu site. Estava mesmo procurando um lugar que fosse dedicado ao Anthony. Apesar de eu ter que traduzir a página adorei bastante.

    Beijos do Brasil !!

  9. admin says:

    If you manage to find any let us know; they are rare- you have to know the right people to get one it seems.

  10. kathly mcallister says:

    question for admin???
    i am a huge fan.
    i live in syracuse ny.
    if you notice them seem to be skipping the whole north part of the us.
    really unfair. any clues why they did this

  11. admin says:

    I’m not Anthony but I can tell you he split with Heather (his son’s mother) ages ago; AK was dating Beth Jeans Houghton but nobody really knows what is happening with that relationship right now as they haven’t been seen together for weeks (but she is on tour to promote her own album)

  12. jess says:

    i need everyones help! my cousin and i are best friends and we are both obsessed with red hot chili peppers. my cousins birthday is next month and each birthday i always get her a sick chilis present, but this year shes 18 so it has to be the biggest and the best chilis present but have no idea what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ana says:

    hola soy de españa y me encantaria enviarle una carta a la direccion de casa de anthony kiedis por favor si me la podriais mandar a mi correo estare eternamente agradecida y mis mas sinceras felicitaciones por esta pagina web que siempre que puedo la sigo lo que pasa que me cuesta trabajo entenderla a veces porque la traduccion de google no es muy buena

  14. Taryn says:

    Hey, Anthony

    I want to thank you for your incredible book and for the difference it has made in so many peoples’ lives. It can’t have been easy to be so blatently honest, either with yourself, or with the public,and I honour you for having the strength and fortitude to do just that!!!

    As a young child in South Africa, I witnessed my older brother being knocked down by a car and killed. I remember wondering why he didn’t get up and come to me. I remember wondering why my mother was crying – she never cried. I remember the terrible, terrible lonliness in the years that followed without my brother, friend and protector. The effects it had on my family were devestating – my mother became over protective in the extreme, my father withdrew any love he might have had for me, and eventually removed himself from the family equation. I became withdrawn and insanely shy. The only friends that I had until my early teens were animals. I felt safe with them. I could talk to them, and I did. For hours. I was tormented mercilessly by my peers for being different. Bullied, accosted, verbally abused – not a fun time in my life. I made my first human friend when I was 14, a girl that somehow saw something more in me than anyone else did and really didn’t give me much option. She was insistant. And she is still one of my best friends today.

    As a teenager, anger set in. I was angry at everyone. Myself, first and foremost. And any kind of authority. My parents, teachers, police. I began drinking heavily (it aided my social skills), then moved on to mandrax, followed by LSD, MDMA and crystal meths. I was given my best gift in those years too – my teen pregnancy and the birth of my beautiful, amazing, phenomonal daughter, Aura. She is now 19 years old and is the wisest. most incredible person I have ever known. She has been my greatest teacher.

    As I was so introverted, most of my drug use was done on my own. Over the years I had built so many walls around myself that even I couldn’t get past them. Even though I felt safest when I was in my mind, I blocked a lot and different drugs helped me to lower different walls and to look inside myself. Some helped me to relive my brother’s death without the horror, others helped me to face up to my intense fear of being hurt again, showed me that in a way I had handled his death exactly the same way as my father had. As he did, so too had I removed myself from any potential future hurt by removing myself from society and from love. The only love I was able to feel was for my daughter and I lavished it on her in abundance. The only love I would accept was her love in return.

    Looking back, I can only be relieved in the extreme that my drug use did not affect her negatively. Because I never used and was never ‘on’ anywhere around her she was ignorant of my habits until recently when I told her about my past. My main aim with Aura was that she not grow up with issues and anger and fear, as I had. I was a strict mother, but one that believed in communication and the two of us have always had a beautiful relationship. The one untainted thing in my life.

    Through Aura, I met the mother of one of her friends and she changed my life. She was a Reiki master and introduced me to a whole new world. She taught me Reiki and I became a master myself. I began reading everything I could on spirituality and through the books I gained new understandings of the world and of myself. Through all the drugs, I had quite a clear picture of myself from all angles. I stopped using, but the knowledge I had gained of myself through them remained. I do not advocate drugs in any way or form, but in a strange way, they did help me. Not having ever received any psycological help, I kind of became my own psycologist, with the help of everything that I read. I came to my own conclusions about life, pain, fear and I created my own ways of overcoming them. I spent some time in India, and in Dharamsala had the inspiring opportunity (as you did) to meet His Holiness and to have a teaching with him.

    I was still insanely shy, but began watching how other people interacted and copying them. I learned that a smile can make the biggest difference, and that asking questions took the spotlight away from me, but still allowed me to be part of a social picture. Because I didn’t talk much, people talked to me. It’s amazing how much people have to say if there is someone around who is prepared to listen. I realised that everyone has their own fears and issues.

    Because of how I had been able to overcome my past, I realised that I had gained wisdoms and different ways of looking at things than other people. I found that when I listened to people and their problems, I was able to give advice that really made a difference. I would later meet up with people that I had previously spoken to and they would tell me how I had changed their lives with my words. In a way, I almost feel that ‘my’ wisdom is sometimes channelled. I’ll say something to someone and then afterwards wonder where on Earth it had come from.

    Because of my love for animals, I spent quite a few years doing animal rescue. In the beginning, it was so easy to feel anger and hatred for the people who abused their animals, but over time I realised that by sending them that kind of energy, I was only perpetuating the problem. I could remove an animal, but they would just go out and get another one. So I changed my way of thinking towards them. Instead of getting angry with them, I would spend hours talking with them and showing them the unconditional love that their animals could give them. I lived in a country town so got to know all the people in the poorer area intimately. I knew each animal by name and each owner by name and I can’t tell you how awesome it was when I left that town to see the difference in this little community. Animals had become part of the family unit in most of the homes and to know that I had made that difference for all the animals was one of the most amazing feelings that I have ever had.

    I have realised that I cannot regret any single moment in my life, because each and every experience I have had has made me into the person that I am today, and for the first time, I can say that I truly love myelf. I would not want to be anyone else for anything in the world.

    I have learned that life is like a pendulum. You can have a safe little life in a safe little house, working a safe little job, but your potential to make a difference is totally limited. Your pendulum doesn’t swing very high one way, so it can’t swing very high the opposite way. On the other hand, you could have had a difficult life, you could have made bad decisions and experienced hardships, anger and fear. Your pendulum swings very high in that direction. But your potential to make a positive difference because of your experiences swings just as high in the opposite direction.

    I have learned that unconditional love and non-judgement are truly important. I made a concious decision to make a positive difference in the life of each and every being I come into contact with. Although, I must admit, I do not always acheive this, and still meet some people that I find very difficult to like, let alone love, by making that decision and actively working towards it, I am acheiving it more and more often. Sometimes all it takes is a smile. And it feels so frigging amazing to make someone else feel good, I really can’t understand why more people don’t do it! From feeling total bewilderment when all the books said ‘Love yourself!’ it eventually hit me how simple it is to do just that. If you cannot love yourself the way you are, simply become someone that you can love. I have done that and it is AMAZING!!!!

    I have realised that I cannot change the world, but that I can change the world around me and that is exactly what I am doing, and what I will contue doing. Now that Aura is out of the house and living her own life, I have started my ‘travel years’. In India, I made friends with many Tibetan people, and I have come to love and respect them hugely. Because of that, I decided that I wanted to go China, a country which I feel needs as much love and kindness as it can get. Again, I cannot change the world, but right now, I’m trying to change the attitudes of the Chinese people that I come into contact in the hopes that somehow I can make a difference in this country, the people in it, and the Tibetan people that I love so much. I am currently teaching English at a school in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia. My manager told me the other day that the response that he gets from most of the Chinese teachers, the students and the parents is that I am the kindest person they have ever met. This makes me feel that I am achieving my goal. Changing perceptions through love and kindness.

    I am also writing a book of my experiences and wanted to thank you for being my motivation through your book. The fact that you were so brave, honest and open about your experiences has motivated me to do the same. Thank you!

    May you be blessed in abundance!

    Love and light

  15. Brad says:

    Hey i need to speak with Anthony i need u to hurry up and make this website offical. He’s some one i look up to being a kid I’m growing up like he did and i need some advice so plz just hurry make it offical.

  16. That’s stupid. Anthony is the ultimate form of living breathing help. Always allow fans to exist within his realm of help and support. 772453 3322. Anthony. God bless you man..if I never hear from you…you’ve done enough. Love. Love. Love.and thanks

  17. Chloe Magdaline Oliver says:


  18. Margaret says:

    Had a dream about Mr. Kiedis and an electric flat black guitar that he or someone he knows owns or may set up for a gig. It Might turn out not to mean anything to him or anyone else, but it is an electrical item. Please get it checked or the equipment that is being used with it. Have no idea how to contact this person about such things. Can only try. Be safe all.

  19. Mark rose says:

    Hi Anthony your story about the fan that model fan that passed really touched me you are a great soul who knows compassion luv you bro

  20. Don Smith says:

    Hi Anthony, My name is Don Smith and I met you in Cairns Australia at a food booth where a few aborigines wanted to rob you and bash your head in , at that time I stepped in to stop that happening and you were going out with a girl from Cairn’s , you thanked me for my help and invited me back to your unit for a drink but I was heading up north for more adventures . I have written a book about my travels and time spent with Steve Irwin , I have been battling stage 4 lung cancer for 6 years and now getting on top of it , I think that you would like my book and would like to enter our encounter into it if it is OK with you , look forward to your response I’m sure you will remember the night

  21. Steve says:

    I remember back in the day.
    It was like in the ninethis. I did work for your mother and I met your sister. And they had these all these records on the wall and I asked your mother. I said, what are you a record producer? You know what’s up with this and she says. No, this is my son, your son is who. That would be you. She told me how you were getting bad. Press about drugs, alcohol and all the other reminded me that well. Actually I didn’t get to be reminded. She told me all they think about my son is a drug and alcoholic. They have no idea how much he gives to other people. You put your sister to college for Christ’s sake. You’re all good big dog didn’t mean to bother you, but my name is Steve.

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