A lot of people have contributed to the creation of this site and I would like to

Kathie Davies- I dread to think how many hours she has spent typing up so many magazine articles for the scan collection; without her help the site would not have gone live for several more months at the very least.

Rita Busseta- From adding photos, typing articles and translating the Italian articles into English Rita has been there at every stage of this website and she has been there personally for me so many times.

 Iva Tanacković- Iva has provided scans, advice and so much inspiration through her own John Frusciante site

Alex Gibbons- for the use of his Surfrider photographs and accounts and for not allowing me to give up on this when things were getting tough.

 Sally Sturman- for typing up yet more of those magazine scans.

Although I know neither personally, I would like to thank both Julia Cher and Kitty for the thousands of photos they have posted online for all RHCP/Anthony Kiedis fans to enjoy over the years; without their efforts this site would have very few photos indeed.

Thanks also to Rich Plenge who’s been helping with videos, etc. for me. I will credit everyone else who’s contributed in the relevant section because then hopefully, I won’t miss anyone out!  But if I haven’t credited you and I should have, please shout at me! Thank you to everyone who’s helped, answered obscure requests for information, etc. I would like this site to be an information source and hub for anyone who’s interested in Anthony Kiedis and the more people who help out and contribute in that, the better the site is going to be so I really appreciate all of the help and support people have given me in this project.

Finally thanks to Mark for his help and  to my long-suffering children, Dominic and Rhiannon, who have been so good about me taking so much time out over this- thankfully they are massive RHCP fans and they also understand why mum needs to do this for her own sanity!

3 Responses to Credits/Thanks

  1. Ritak says:

    Your words are really moving, everything’s perfect on here…

  2. chilisal says:

    Just wanted to wish you Good Luck! It’s a fantastic site :)

  3. Sami Swan Thompson says:

    VERY nice website!

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