Obviously, the life of Anthony Kiedis, has been well documented by the man himself in his autobiography, ‘Scar Tissue’ which covers his life from conception up until early 2004 and that book should be the main point of reference for anyone wanting to know more about the Mr. Kiedis. This biography is just designed to give a brief overview of his life as it would seem odd not to include any biography on a website such as this. I have also tried to make the biography as up to date as possible, extending from 2004 to the current day, and will continue to add any details to it whenever relevant.

Please note: some of the points/important episodes, etc. are mentioned in passing for the flow of the narrative. More detailed sections have been added to the ‘About the Man’ section so please check there if you wish to know more about things like his girlfriends, haircuts, important events. etc.

10 Responses to Biography

  1. Jamie Mckenna says:

    Does Anthony Keidis want a girlfriend?

  2. Miranda says:

    Y love you Anthony

  3. Laura says:

    omg Anthony Kiedis Is The Best Man And Father Ever <3

  4. Isabel Michel says:

    I own the book “Scar Tissue” I have to say, it was by far the most interesting book! I have read it 3x! It stays on my nightstand next to my bible 🙂 I even went to the extent to draw on the cover- fake tattoo’s on his sweet body with my name!!!

  5. Deborah Nelson-Harless says:

    Anthony I was in1972 13 years old when I went to live with my mom, I thought we were going to live in Diamond Heights, a nice part of San Francisco, but whoa, I was mistaken. We lived in Skid Row!!! I understand exactly to the T, of the shock u went thru, principal not personality, when u went to live with ur Dad. I didn’t like u guys when u were up and coming by then I was older and I liked Rock & Roll classic….. I like everything about you today, and ur and flea’s band & C.S. too. Tony I know u won’t read this but this is my comment. musicfoureveer58

  6. Deborah Nelson-Harless says:

    I love your music……and miss John Fruschiante!!!!

  7. Mollie bosworth says:

    Anthony beat me up teased me as kids my cuz..

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