The Adult Years

Drug Addiction

Anthony had left his father’s home while still in high school at the age of 16; relations between the two had become increasingly strained and got worse when Blackie began to totally immerse himself in his characters; acting, dressing and even living like them at one. At one stage he was playing a transvestite and during a row, Anthony retorted and referred to his father as a faggot in reference to this and the two started fighting:

“Ultimately, there was no bloodshed, but the energy was violent and ugly. And something would never be the same between us for decades to come.”

‘Scar Tissue’ Anthony Kiedis with Larry Sloman; page 55

The newly independent Anthony would squat in unoccupied buildings, sleep on whoever’s couch or even in anyone’s back garden for as long as they would have him; he even lived in his car at one point. Increasingly the rest of his life was going off the rails too as his drug habit increased; he would on occasion take from whomever he was living with either using the money or selling the goods to raise money for drugs. By this point his drug addiction was starting to spiral out of control and he didn’t manage to get it under control until he went into self-imposed rehab following the tragic death of fellow band member Hillel Slovak from a drug overdose in 1988.

Anthony managed to stay clean for several years but prescriptions drugs prescribed by accident set him on a downward spiral once more; there would be intermittent relapses and periods of being clean but for most parts drugs were an issue and binges would often be set off by bad events in Anthony’s life (often triggered by break-ups with girlfriends) with further episodes again as a result of prescription drugs being wrongly given or the result of personal injury.  It was an issue that Kiedis was to battle until December 2000; on Christmas Eve of that year he attended a meeting and committed himself to sobriety. He is now an active campaigner on behalf of the MAP charity fund which helps addict musicians overcome their addictions.

Private Life

Anthony has dated numerous women over the years; some famous (models) and others not. They have included Sofia Coppola, Ione Skye, Heidi Klum and Jessican Stam to name a few. He dated childhood girlfriend Haya Handel for three years and some of his adult relationships have lasted several years too but most were a lot more fleeting. Anthony has never married.

As for family, Anthony is still incredibly close and fond of his mother (who was unfortunately widowed when her third husband, Steve Idema, died of a heart-attack in 1996). He has two step-sisters and a step-brother. Reconciliations were also made with his father and Blackie and Kiedis now enjoy a close relationship; Blackie even ran the RHCP fan club for a number of years before he retired.

Now a multi-millionaire; Kiedis lives in Malibu where he regularly indulges his hobby of surfing. Anthony is also a key advocate for the protection of the world’s oceans and actively supports several charities which work for this cause. His latest activity on this score was to participate in the Surfrider Charity event at Malibu in September 2010.

Anthony’s charity work is not confined to addicts or the preservation of the sea; as a group, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have donated a percentage of their tour revenue to several worthy causes and the band have also played several fundraiser charity concert events. Anthony also recently became one of the board of directors for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music; a charity set up by RHCP band mate Flea to help all children in the Los Angeles area have access to musical lessons no matter their financial background.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

His adult years also saw Anthony’s role within the Red Hot Chili Peppers evolving from a rap spitting front man to an accomplished lyric writer of multi-platinum selling albums with vocal developments to match the bands new style. The RHCP have seen many upheavals within their history but eventually they received the recognition they fully deserved as small theatres gave way to concert performances in arenas, records went from barely breaking even to must have discs and the band receiving airplay and adoration worldwide. The bands have now released nine studio albums as well as compilations and live records/videos.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers (1984)

Freaky Styley (1985)

The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987)

Mother’s Milk (1989)

Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

One Hot Minute (1995)

Californication (1999)

By the Way (2002)

Stadium Arcadium (2006)

RHCP are currently in the studio recording the yet unnamed tenth album which according to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer, Chad Smith, should be released around March next year. Apparently several festival dates have already been booked as part of an eighteen month long tour.

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    Like everyone, I can’t wait to hear the new album and hope I get to see them in concert again 🙂

  2. That was a really good read about The Adult Years | Anthony

  3. i agree that was a really good biography of the adult years and I hope RHCP does a tour to include Boston on their new album.

  4. jana says:

    does he have any children?

  5. Nicholas Cicarelli says:

    I would like to know the name and biography of the dancer main clip of RHCP in “The Zephyr Song”. Thank you!

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      Sorry no idea- just know Flea’s daughter is in the vid. Will ask around for you and see if I can find anything but I doubt anyone will know.

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    Have you ever seen that once in a lifetime beautiful soul? I mean really beautiful soul? I happen to think Mr. Kiedis is just such a soul. I have never laid eyes on a more beautiful man.

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    He banged the shit out of Christina Hendricks way before she became a famous actress.

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    I wish I had his strength 15 years of heroin addiction…..why am I not dead?

  10. Keep on soulfully rocking out brother .it’s great to see another
    Who was able to fight off the Heroin addiction demon

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