The Bear Clan

Anthony began dating model, Heather Christie in 2004, after spotting her at a party;

“I saw this beautiful face smiling throughout the night,” he recalls. He said hello, found out she had a boyfriend, but cadged a commitment to have coffee. After some time apart, he and 20-year-old Heather Christie reconnected and began dating, and they are now cohabitating. “On paper there was no reason whatsoever we should have gotten along,”he says of Christie, who on their first date took him on a tour of her hometown of Simi Valley. “But when I hung out with her, I didn’t want to hang out with anybody else.”

Blender Magazine 2007


They were first photographed publically together on September 16th. The relationship for the couple was not always plain sailing and they had several fallings out with the couple temporarily splitting in late 2005 while Kiedis reportedly dated model Jessica Stam only to reunite with Christie early in 2006. The following year Heather became pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Their son was born on October 2nd, 2007 and named Everly Bear.

Bear Clan Family shot taken for Malibu Magazine, 2008

“Kiedis’s girlfriend Heather Christie came up with the rest. “The mama came up with Bear,” Kiedis says. “That made sense to me because he’s from me and I feel like I’m part of the bear clan, and I think it’s nice to have a little bit of earth in your name.”

“We had a long list of names, but I suppose it came to me by way of the Everly Brothers, which is one of my favourite bands,” the Red Hot Chili Peppers singer said at a fundraiser for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in LA. “And sometimes last names make good first names.”


The couple split in June 2008 when Everly was a few months old. They seem to remain as good friends and share custody of Everly although he mostly resides in with his father; the two were recently seen together in LA leading to speculation as to whether they had got back together again but there is no evidence to confirm this in anyway.

Update June 2011- New Kiedis & Everly Bear Photos

anthony kiedis cuddling everly near black white

Some new photos of Anthony Kiedis with Everly Bear  have just been added; this is just one example.

11 Responses to The Bear Clan

  1. Sami Swan Thompson says:

    I always expected that Anthony would be an exceptional father.

  2. Mel says:

    You have always been beautiful. Your Bear Clan is beautiful.

  3. amber kmmey says:

    im a part of the bear clan too ambear, bear cub, lil bear, my bear names never stop and like anthony im also mohican

  4. Ana Paula Merli says:

    very cute!!!!
    I love this man…

  5. thalita says:

    everly cute cute

  6. Addienehus says:

    He is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L beautiful I luv him

  7. m chief says:

    iam to native and the last name is kool but when u grow up in public school it isn’t my last name is Chief and went through alot of bad names sorry

  8. Sunny says:

    This is the most beautiful story of a child I have ever heard, Heather had come up a brilliant mamma and Anthony is a wonderful father. The bear bit on the end of Everly is a beautiful touch to such a wonderful name.
    Everything is perfect about this story. And I am glad they still remain good friends – Anthony and Heather. But I still wanna marry Anthony, so yeah.

  9. Amélia says:

    I’m pretty sure that Anthony is a great father, because of his experience about family as far as konw wasn’t the best one and I’m sure he might have suffered because of that, so I guess he knows what a father should be.

  10. ANTHONY,i know u had quite a wild childhood,I know u will take care of Everly Bear and protect him ,as we all know its a crazy world and u r most likely the most remarkable father,U know me as Monique,but my real name is Susan Ferretti,we met @ yr. Fathers parties,u gave me like 8 pics. of yrself u were 14 ,I was 18,everyone took them when,they found out but i still have 2of u.I know were suppose 2 b in eacothers lives somehow,somewhere.

  11. Pirez says:

    So Sweet, cheer

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