Where I Play

Live Red Hot Chili Peppers photos featuring Anthony Kiedis with either other members of RHCP or the band as a whole. Just a selection as there are so many of them!

Please Note: We are a fan based site making no profit from these photos at all. If we have used your photo and you would like it removed, please contact us and we will do so.

Any photo with attached licensing details should have been removed from the site. However, we have collected these photos over many years from many different sources and licensing details may have previously been removed. As stated above, we will remove photos upon request.

3 Responses to Where I Play

  1. chilisal says:

    Great selection of pics, great to see Slane pics in here, plus I LOVE flea’s spotty shorts on pic 7 😀

  2. Jerusa felix says:

    the best <3 cool <3

  3. lindinha says:

    they are the best.
    They make my day.
    Love anthony ! s2

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