Me & My Friends (3)

Many thanks to Otherside713 who shared her collection of ‘Chilis with Celebs’ photos with us.

Please note: Other photos of Anthony Kiedis with friends can also be found in the Lakers and Coffee Shop galleries so links have been added below. 

Me and My Friends Gallery 1

Me & My Friends Gallery 2

Me and my Friends Gallery 4

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Any photo with attached licensing details should have been removed from the site. However, we have collected these photos over many years from many different sources and licensing details may have previously been removed. As stated above, we will remove photos upon request.

2 Responses to Me & My Friends (3)

  1. Johnny says:

    C’mon, seriously? He’s not unknown, he Tony-fuking-Hawk!
    By the way, great stuff you’ve got here. I was just searching for pictures of his gloves and now I find myself browsing endless galleries… xD

    • admin says:

      He is to me! lol Seriously link me the actual photo and I’ll change the name- is something somewhere on here about letting me know who people are that I don’t recognise/haven’t named and I’ll update the pics- know there are loads of AK with people who are probably famous but I either don’t know them, can’t bring their names to mind or just got totally confused when I was adding all of this lot!!!

      Glad you like al of the galleries- keep checking back because I still have several hundred photos to add; am currently working on ones of AK at awards ceremonies, etc. (Some of those being added to the ‘About the Man’ section- are quite a few pics in there so check those out too if you haven’t seen them already 🙂 )

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