Me & My Friends (4)

Many thanks to Otherside713 who shared her collection of ‘Chilis with Celebs’ photos with us.

Please note: Other photos of Anthony Kiedis with friends can also be found in the Lakers and Coffee Shop galleries so links have been added below. 

Me and My Friends Gallery 1

Me & My Friends Gallery 2

Me and My Friends Gallery 3

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5 Responses to Me & My Friends (4)

  1. sally sturman says:

    It’s great to see photos of AK I’ve never seen before, thank you! 🙂

    • admin says:

      You’re more than welcome! I love doing this but knowing people appreciate it makes it even more worthwhile 😀 Thanks for all of your support too x

  2. Leonardo says:

    Gran músico……Muchas felicidades y mas éxitos.

    Desde Colombia

    Un fan total de RHCP!!

  3. yesenia says:

    Hey, I was looking through these and I noticed that in the “me & my friends” gallery 4 the man in the picture with flea isn’t Anthony, not a big deal, just thought i’d let you know though 🙂

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