Out in L.A.


I’ve been trying to find out more about this iconic (and yes, my favourite!) series of Anthony Kiedis photos; we’re pretty sure they were taken for a magazine shoot and somebody has suggested to me that it was a tattoo mag. I do have it from a very reputable source that they were taken with Snoop Dog but apparently the two of them have been featured together on a number of occasions. I’m trying to track down the actual magazine- if anyone knows definitely what is is (and has scans) I’d love to hear from them!

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  1. Ana Paula Machado Merli says:

    Wonderfull!!! I’m brazilian girl and I love Anthony so much… Next Sept 21, show in Sao Paulo, I’ll be there….with love, Ana

  2. lindinha says:

    I’m livin in brazil too.
    And I’m in love with Anthony
    I love him so much .. s2
    I think I’ll go to this show too.
    See u Ana kkk

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