…Red and Blue! (4)

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4 Responses to …Red and Blue! (4)

  1. sma says:

    wow! amazing pics!

  2. jerusa felix says:

    alma quente…..o céu seu limite…… esse é o resumo de AK

  3. Joie Shoults says:

    When I was kid, I thought you were the most amazing person in the whole world! Now that I’m older i still do! And that will probably never change. I also think you are the hottest on the world,(besides my bf) but either way you’re still hotter…. Oh, and whenever i play R.H.C.P. music on my laptop my guinea pig purrs! I really do not know why…. But I still think she likes it. Here are my favorite songs in order below.
    1. rollercoaster of love
    2. true men dont kill coyotes
    3. the power of equality
    4. breaking the girl
    5. suck my kiss
    6. give it away
    7. under the bridge
    8. by the way
    9.universally speaking
    12.i could die for you
    13.cant stop
    16.on mercury
    17.minor thing
    18.venice queeen
    19.around the world
    20.scar tissue
    and so on.
    Here are my guinea pigs fav. songgs!!!
    1 fortune faded
    2 aeroplane
    3 my friends
    4 coffee shop
    5 pea
    6 higher ground
    7 knock me down
    8 behind the sun
    9 snow hey oh
    10 slow cheetah
    11 torture me
    12 animal bar
    13 strip my mind
    15 storm in a teacup
    16 hey
    17 wet sand
    18 good time boys
    19 johnny kick a hole in the sky

  4. Debbi says:

    I love Anthony Kiedis.
    Wish I can meet you one day.
    Had a little heard infact

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