Here on my Tattoo

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17 Responses to Here on my Tattoo

  1. chilisal says:

    Awesome pics – he has the best body for tattoos 😛

  2. Kiedis says:

    He has the best body PERIOD!!!!

  3. blueberry glide says:

    He has the best body for tattoos AND the best body, both in the universe!

  4. Natasha Beautiful says:

    This man turns me on so much, that I got the tattoo he has on his left arm, the heart shape one and I got it inked on my lower back. I just had to have a piece. 😉
    And it looks HOT too 🙂

  5. Ana Paula Merli says:

    This tattoos is very beautiful… It’s perfect to me!!!

  6. David Kidd says:

    Do you regret any of your tattoos??

  7. Andrew Kelly says:

    I have just got the native tatoo on my back and av wanted it for years Anthony look on my fb and see it got mine all in black though and not as wide vertically.. Looks great though :-))))

  8. Andrew Kelly says:

    And can I say loved your book scar tissue amazing read about your life very touching at times and amazing that the band still goes from strength to
    Strength…. Would love to meet you one day….

  9. Sor@i@ says:

    As suas tatuagens são lindas…..but as minhas também são!

  10. lindinha says:

    he has perfects tatoos !!!
    Perfect body !!
    Anthony is PERFECT !!!
    This tatoos be perfect on his body !!
    I love anthony so so very very very much !!

  11. Debbi Kiedis says:

    I love this man….
    His tattoos are perfect to him
    love this…s2
    I wanna meet you some day..

  12. Dale says:

    what’s the meaning of the celtic tattoo on his fore arm,.? i want a tattoo like that,. does that have something to do with the story of his life or profession,.?

  13. Roxana De Colsa says:

    Im40. and still in love with AK. i admire his tatoos and the person he is….Perfect, yes Period!!

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