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Photos have been roughly divided into categories- some are in several and some just in one. We’ve tried to include a good cross-section- obviously there are thousands more photos available and it’s impossible to include them all right now.

Thank you to the following people for help sourcing these photos:

Rita Bussetta

Arslane Illales

Kathie Davis

and especially to Otherside713 for kindly making her photo collection available for me to use.

10 Responses to Our Photos

  1. adriana cervantes says:

    hello my name is adriana i think anthony is so cute im 19 but age dont jaja, i wanted to know if you were native or something you look like you could be. well love your music love your idenity your cool yup yup much love and blessing ffb

  2. admin says:

    This is a site run by a fan and not by Anthony himself but Anthony does have some Native American blood in his heritage (on his mother’s side) and he has shown great interest in that heritage e.g. it is reflected in his back tattoo.

  3. Anemki says:

    Great site with fantastic pictures. Just happened upon this site 9 June 2011. Keep up the good work AK fan! Very proud to say I’m Native Canadian! And AK wears his native well!

    • admin says:

      Thank you! It’s always nice to know that people appreciate what I do. I still have about 500 photos to add and there’s more articles, etc. planned as well as adding any news that comes out so please keep checking back as hopefully there’ll be new things to see!

  4. febriansyah hikmah putra says:

    redhotchilipeppers is soundtrack of my life.

  5. febriansyah hikmah putra says:

    redhotchilipeppers is soundtrack of my life and i hopefully they’re come in indonesia.

  6. olá, sou do brasil, o red hot esteve aqui no rock in rio.!

    e eu nÃo pude iir, =(
    maas eu AMOO VOCÊS.!

    em Especiila o ANTHONY KIEDIS meu amooor.!

  7. luisina mareco says:

    hello i’m from argentina, i’m 20 and i love RHCP and AK since i was 5 years old. I just wanted to thank this cool rock band and this great man. RHCP was the band with which I grew up with me and make me happy since I was little, I have only gratitude and much love for them.
    and you (the fans) are greats! thank you ♥ RHCP for coming to Argentina! you filled us of love with your music. the new cd is so great! thanks only thanks
    (sorry for my english i don’t know speak very well yet. I hope that makes sense.

    From Argentina 27th september 2011

  8. Shir says:

    Hiii! Im from Israel, RHCP was So Greaat!!!! I enjoy so muchhh!!! The best show Ever! Thank you!!! I love you so much! I never forget that night! Kisses!

    • Shir says:

      I hope you come again to Israel its was so Fun! Im 20 years old and i never loved a band like this in my life! I know 20 is very young, but i love so many Rock bands, like: Aerosmith,Kiss,Guns and Roses and more… And you Gays, one of my best band that i love! Thank you that you came to Israel, until we meet again! Bye!!

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