Anthony Kiedis 2011

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Isopix May 2nd Source

June: New photos of Anthony Kiedis with Everly Bear (Amanda Merten photos)

June 18th Anthony Kiedis & Everly Bear at Cars 2 premier


Simon Weller Photography (Miners Foundry Concert, Nevada City 29th July 2011)

47 Responses to Anthony Kiedis 2011

  1. valdilene says:

    I love very much that man, hadsome, and love the red hot chili peppers kissis Anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sally sturman says:

    Cute pics – cute car! 😀

  3. andres gleria says:

    hola anthony soy de argentina y soy fanatico tuyo desde q tengo 7 años… saludos anthony y aguante los red hot chili peppers

    • admin says:

      Hi this isn’t Anthony Kiedis himself- this website is run by another AK/RHCP fan! Hello there! Nice to meet you (sorry I don’t speak Spanish so I’ve used Google Translate for this! Hope it makes sense!)

      Hola este no es el propio Anthony Kiedis, este sitio web está dirigido por otro AK / RHCP ventilador. Hola! Mucho gusto (lo siento no hablo español, así que he usado Google Translate para esto! Espero que tenga sentido!)

  4. Vanessa says:

    They remind me of me, all 3. Familiar people.
    That looks so cosy (but safety kidseat?)… cruising in Malibu.. My friend is from there, here, in Europe, it’s all fuckin grey today….. Cali must be lovely, the nature.
    They’re both Cali natives, right ?

  5. admin says:

    I’m in England and the kids have a week of school and the weather is awful 🙁 Grey, cold & raining. Cali is lovely; have been there three times- could do with some CA sun today!

    And yes, they are both Cali natives in effect. Heather is from Simi Valley (north LA; greater Los Angeles area) and AK has lived there permanently since he was about 11 years of age although he was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and continued to spend his summers there after going to LA to live with his father.

  6. camila sanchez says:

    anthony teee amOoOoO!!! ZOZ TODO PARA MIIII

  7. camila sanchez says: agreguenmeee los fan de rhcp como yo

  8. Agnès says:

    Merci pour toutes ces magnifiques images (chaque fois que je lis les initiales AK je me marre… parce que j’ai les mêmes! Hahaha) Et bonne chance pour traduire ce que je viens d’écrire! (c’est pour voir si vous êtes forts en français)

    • admin says:

      Bonjour! Je peux lire le français, mais je suis bon dans ce noto écrit! Ca fait longtemps depuis que je l’ai étudié à l’école lol

  9. Diana_Kiedis says:

    Anthony is the best in the world!!!!!!
    I love him so much!!!!!
    He is so sweet,funny,awesome,cute,original,charismatic,perfect,talented,fantastic,dear,smart,cool and handsome!

  10. luu rhcp says:

    i loveee youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. bruna says:

    oi tony sou do brasil sou sua super fã te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. tinytutu says:

    Awesome site and always so up-to-date!

  13. zbronko says:

    zetnij wąsa! kocham <3

  14. amanda says:

    Eu amo demais ele, ele é lindo meo Deus!!!
    Só que ele ta meio estranho de bigode…

  15. priscila says:

    lindoooooo!!! como sempre te amo antony kiedis

  16. gabi says:

    No na prawde ,zetnij te wasy!!!!

  17. Mirna Melo says:

    Beautiful man !

  18. He always will be in my heart, because his life with singer and personal are exemples of superation around the world.I love him so much.He is charming and handsome.

  19. francisco says:

    hi antony, I am francisco am Brazilian, I tell you that Jesus Christ the son of God loves you so much and has a very nice project for you and your entire family! God bless you!

  20. francisco says:

    when you and John and their other friends, overcome their problems, lembrece it was God helping you!
    God’s word says: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that he who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    “Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 16”
    Jesus loves you!

  21. Maddie says:

    Does he have a girlfriend at the moment? Him and Heather aren’t back together are they?

    I love him so much.

    • admin says:

      He’s seen frequently with women but whether they are ‘passing’ girlfriends, whether he does have an actual partner is unknown right now; I think most people assume he hasn’t got a regular gf but nobody knows for sure. He’s often spotted with Heather and I know some people who still believe they are an item/will get bacl together at some point but again, there’s nothing definite on that. Sorry for the vague answer!

      • Maddie says:

        Thanks 🙂

        Hopefully I’ll be able to see him live after I’m With You comes out, that’ll be enough for me.

  22. Colin says:

    Hey ppl. My buddy called me today n told me that Flea is dead. I try not to idolize celebrities, but me n my friend r both bassists n Flea is our favorite musician. I know this is Anthony’s site, but can somebody please disconfirm this for me?

    • admin says:

      No, it’s not true; not seen it anywhere else and I’ve been on the official RHCP website tonight, my FB is full of RHCP fans/contacts so somebody would have mentioned it and FB would have been manic so I think your friend is winding you up/has got some false info! Have just checked AK’s dad’s page to make doubly sure for you because surely he’d mention it if it were true. I’ve even got RHCP tickets today via the official site and I don’t think they would have released tickets today if something had of happened to a band member. (We love Flea too 🙂 )

      BTW I also run a RHCP site- you’ll get a maintenance page for the next couple of days possibly as it’s being re-vamped but it should be up & running again very soon but in the meantime we still have the forum, etc. and we put out the latest RHCP news on them if you want to keep up to date (main page; give it a couple of days for it to be working properly again)

  23. john says:

    Hey Anthony

    When are you guys going to tour again and will you ever come to South Africa.You have a large following over here.

    • admin says:

      Sorry this is an unofficial site and we are not connected with Anthony in any way- I’m just another fan.

      Tour dates are being announced (have info on my other RHCP site if you want to check it out) for a massive RHCP tour which kicks off next month and goes into 2013 but sorry, nothing has been mentioned about South Africa yet. I’m not posting all RHCP tour news on this AK site but I am posting announced dates so if anything comes up, it will be posted on here.

  24. ...Cr says:

    (wooooow! 48 years old)

  25. Maria Clara says:

    Queria muito ir ao Rock in rio aqui no Brasil, mas não vou poder… vou ter que curtir pela internet mesmo…AMO SUAS MUSICAS! E VC TB! beijo

  26. andrea says:

    anthony your new style is very great !!

  27. Sara says:

    O cabelo dele é tão lindo, é até pecado ter cortado. Me dá um pouco do seu cabelo, Anthony sedução ♥ HAHA.

  28. Bruna says:

    48 anos de pura gostosura LOL *o*

  29. rocio says:


  30. J. says:

    Big Fan, I love him, s2 s2 ‘

  31. Cinara Alberton da Conceição says:

    Hi Anthony, I am fan of RHCP … the show you did at Rock in Rio was just perfect, totally fuck! Your energy is amazing … when I hear his songs they take me to another dimension and makes me feel so positive energy is incredible, the whole band is wonderful, I love it! I hope you come back soon for Brazil! I love you Anthony, you are my dream! All I want in this life is you! And nothing more! inspired by the Flea I must say that I really ” I want Anthony Kiedis” A Brazilian fan has some chance? kisses =)

  32. Ana Paula Merli says:

    I love AK and RHCP so much….
    I’m from Brasil and saw this show here in Sao Paulo last month…
    Thanks for the pictures…

  33. AK fan says:

    question for admin: Do you know where you by the same “OFF!” kap that AK has in the rain dance maggie video?

    • admin says:

      OFF is a music group. Here’s a link to their MySpace page; there’s a photo of the cap on there:

      I’m not sure where you can actually buy one of the caps from, but hopefully this will set you off in the right direction as there’s a send a message option on there and other links 🙂

  34. yeny del carmen says:

    Muy buenas las fotos!!!….pero la foto mas hermosa y la que habla sin palabras mucho de ti Anthony es la fotografia en donde estas con tu bebé abrazados, dice mucho de el amor que de padre a hijo que es incondicional.Exitos !!!!

  35. Deee ak says:

    anthony anthony anthony …
    I loveeee you so muchh!!
    Your so beatiful..
    The best!

  36. Lucas says:

    I’m a fan of this guy, I loved all the pictures by.

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