Anthony Kiedis April 2011

New photos are out of Anthony Kiedis at a Lakers game on the  12th and 13th April (the date is varying depending on the media company posting the photo) and there is also a short video. There are also photos of AK riding his motorbike on the 13th April 2011- the motorbike photos are from Bruno press so we only have the usual thumbnails for now.

Anthony Kiedis Riding Harley Davidson

anthony kiedis black leather riding motorcycle

Anthony Kiedis LA Lakers Game

anthony kiedis black leather jacket short hair

anthony kiedis black outfit short hair


Anthony Kiedis LA Lakers Game with Guy Oseary

anthony kiedis talking guy oseary

anthony kiedis wiping face

anthony kiedis black purple t-shirt Los Angeles


2 Responses to Anthony Kiedis April 2011

  1. sally sturman says:

    I love the pics of AK on his Harley…. Born to be wild yeahhhhhhh 😀

  2. Earthquake says:

    That’s weird to see him riding a Harley Davidson. Those things are so terribly loud that if I don’t plug my ears as they roar past me, I think my ears would bleed! I don’t know how he could stand it, as sensitive and environmentally conscious as he is. I guess he’s just use to loud noises because we all know he is around loudness all the time, such as concerts.

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