Anthony at RHCP Booksigning/KROQ Nov 2010

Anthony Kiedis with other members of RHCP at the signing for their Official Biography in LA on 4th November 2010 and also at the KROQ radio show on the same day.

Thanks to Cleitin Aragão for sharing photos they have found with us

Thank you to @LoLoe1 On Twitter for sharing their own photo with us

Update: April 2011, a short video has just come out:

9 Responses to Anthony at RHCP Booksigning/KROQ Nov 2010

  1. chilisal says:

    Great photos thank you! They’re looking good ~ looks like it’s Flea, the ‘green haired’ naked bass player now 😀

  2. Arslane says:

    Nice pictures ! It’ been a long time we didn’t see them together

  3. Saska says:

    Really nice pictures. I love Anthony!

  4. jerusa Felix says:

    Fantastic 🙂 – Cool

  5. kathleen says:

    good to see them

  6. jerusa felix says:

    I’m happy. because you exist in my life

  7. Kiedis says:

    They are still looking good, but PLEASE Anthony get rid of the MO!!!

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