Anthony Kiedis 2012

Please note: the dates are approximate because sometimes they get released by news agencies the day afterwards or we date them when they come in and world time zoes can affect that slightly.

There are a couple of sets of photos featuring Anthony Kiedis with Beth Jeans Houghton; I’ve only included examples here as the rest can be found in the dedicated gallery:

Anthony Kiedis & Beth Jeans Houghton Photo Gallery

8 Responses to Anthony Kiedis 2012

  1. Kirsti Shepherd says:

    I cant get enough of The Chili Peppers. There on the top of my list of things to do before i die! Please come to Western Australia!

    • admin says:

      They are supposed to be touring Australia at some point- both Flea and Chad have mentioned that in interviews- but no details are out yet. However the tour is sue to go on into 2013 so there’s still laods of time!

  2. Louisa Carr says:

    I love RHCP, can’t wait to see them in Germany on 25th August 2012.

  3. Dee ak says:

    I loveee AK and rhcp of too.
    When they will go to Brazil??
    I can’t get enough from their too
    I listen rhcp at the morning , afternoon and night..

  4. Rhcp #1 Fannnn(: says:

    I love Anthony Kiedis SOOOOOOOOOO much<3

  5. ak says:

    god bless anthony. that young girl from July looks like a sourpuss. if his taste in women would improve, he would be perfect.

  6. G. says:

    few months ago RHCP was in Lithuania.It was Anthony,u are perfect person..

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