2012 Paris

Stade de France, Paris, France.  Saturday 30th June, 2012. Photos taken by Rebecca Billingham

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5 Responses to 2012 Paris

  1. Best show ever??? I think so….Just thanks Reb <3

    • admin says:

      It was the best show ever! Not just because we were there! hehe I’ve got the rest of my pics and review to do for it- will do it as soon as my crazy life calms down (sorry haven'[t forget to email the photos to you- the last few weeks have been such a blur)

  2. Trine says:

    I was there too! It was great! You were lucky to be so close and have your camera, they took mine off me 🙁

  3. Louis says:

    I was there as well with my 18 yr old son and 17 yr old daughter. We were all blown away. I’m not sure that I’ll ever go to another concert. RHCP just set the bar too high. Other shows / artists will pale in comparison. Great pics btw. Amazing show.

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