Black & White…

Black & White Gallery 2

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  1. chilisal says:

    Think I’ve died and gone to heaven….

  2. Jerusa felix says:

    Fantastic Image ……the best………. I Love

  3. is a very handsome man I love him and he is very special to me … cat, beautiful, Teza
    Love Anthony Kiedis …<3 🙂 <3

  4. ruta says:

    first time in my life i am proud of my lithuanian descent. he changed my life. he is a prodigy. absolutely special. Why he never came to lithuania…

    • Marta ^w^ says:

      and me too because He had a family of Poles. And I’m sorry for my english, becouse I use Google Translator 😀

  5. tania Luis says:

    ugh i just fucking love kiedis ^.^

  6. elizandra says:

    ele e tudo de bom vencedor em todos sentidos

  7. camila says:

    esse cara é muito bom no que faz ..e tambem é muito gostozo e tezudo…eu amo ele

  8. camila says:

    this guy is very beautiful and i love he…he is very cat

  9. Enthusiastic in VA says:

    I think he is such a good looking guy! Iove him in Can’t Stop and Under the Bridge. I would SO love to meet him and go to a concert. He seems fun and down to earth! <3

  10. camila says:

    the Anthony kiedis….i guess he a guy very Beautiful ….i love the songs him and…..the my favorite song is my friend…my name is camila..i’m in brazilian…..and i love rhcp……

  11. Paulita says:

    Excelente album! Tony es espectacular en blanco y negro!

  12. Maggie says:


  13. Sor@i@ says:

    that simple

  14. Earthquake says:

    Wow, look at those eyelashes and that hair.

  15. lindinha says:

    i love him …. I love very much his songs . His so beatiful sweet and hot !!!!!
    I a very big fan from him
    i dont know how i can live without him !!!
    S2s2s2s2s2s2 love he very very very very much

  16. Cherie says:

    Lovely pics, wish we could all fee this comfortable in our own skin.

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