Black and White (2)

7 Responses to Black and White (2)

  1. Julia says:

    man rhcp are amazing i love them.

  2. Amber-rose says:

    I have loved you since I was eleven… Your music has helped me through so much bullshit in my life… I think your absolutely amazing and have done and brought so much for the music industry… By the way I’m 22 now! I would gladly make love to you and have your babies! Your a phenomenon I love you! I so hope you tour Canada one day soon!

  3. Amber-rose says:

    Your the sexiest man to ever live… You made my world a better place 🙂 My dream is to meet you and kiss you… I am in love with the person you are… Please come to Canada oh and by the way… I go by Amber… Muahhh!!!

  4. Whitney says:

    I love RHCP, and I love Anthony! He is such a fox!

  5. Whitney says:

    Come to Jacksonville Florida!

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