Celluloid Loves

Photos but mostly screencaps of Anthony Kiedis in varoous Red Hot Chili Peppers videos (we only have a small collection and a lot of videos are missing so please contact us if you can help provide some more screenshots). Sorry they are in a random order right now but they will be properly labelled and arranged eventually!

4 Responses to Celluloid Loves

  1. chilisal says:

    Thank you, awesome pics 🙂

  2. Anne Kiedis says:

    tenho todos esses clips…

  3. lindinha says:

    I saw all this clips..
    In this world don’t has a person that is more beatiful than Anthony….
    Love u Anthony !!! <3

  4. Earthquake says:

    “He looks so hot in this video!”
    “He looks so hot in all those videos!”

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