Meet Me In the Coffee Shop

10 Responses to Meet Me In the Coffee Shop

  1. Arslane says:

    gorgeous pics , thanks a lot 😉

  2. chilisal says:

    Nice to see he has a good appetite 😀

  3. sally sturman says:

    I’d gladly meet him in the coffee shop… especially if he’s paying 😀

  4. Jamie Mckenna says:

    What coffee shop? I went to the one downtown.. you werent there so I went to the one across town you aint there either… Did I get the time wrong???? hahah

  5. Anne Kiedis says:

    Anthony comendo é fofo…

  6. lindinha says:

    hehe everyone like coffe shop!
    Meet you at the coffe shop anthony!
    Thx a lot for the fotos!

  7. marla graves says:

    would love to meet you in a coffee shop in colorado , see some pics on facebook , i fee something about you am at aww with your lyrics

  8. marla graves says:

    amazing need to meet you someday? somehow Ill send pics im also on facebook

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