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Here is a selection of my favourite photos that I’ve taken of Anthony Kiedis (and RHCP). Wherever I am, I’ve usually got a camera in my hand and concerts are no exceptions providing I’m allowed to take my camera into the venue.

The number varies for each concert depending on where I was standing and how I have to juggle to take the photos through the people around me e.g. we got pushed back by the drunks at Knebworth so I was way back by the time the band came on stage and I was holding my camera in the air, pointing and hoping! At Reading (2016) I got nothing. By comparison, I was front row for the Stade de France concert so was able to take loads of photos (yes, I did wait outside the venue from 6.30 in the morning with a group of my equally insane friends!). Full galleries for each concert are available.

Please note: We don’t mind anyone sharing or using any of these personal concert photos but if you do use them on another webpage or website, we respectfully ask that you leave any copyright logos on them.  Thank you.


Exclusive Galleries of Anthony Kiedis

2011: 7th November; O2 Arena, London, UK

2011: 10th November; o2 Arena, London, UK

2011: 19th November; LG Arena, Birmingham, UK.

2011: 20th November; LG Arena, Birmingham, UK.

2011: 10th December, Torino, Italia

2012: 23rd June; Knebworth, UK.

2012; 30th June; Stade de France, Paris, France.

2014: 14th June; Isle of Wight, UK

2016: 10th December; Genting Arena, Birmingham, UK

2016: 11th December; Genting Arena, Birmingham, UK

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  1. Kiah Kavanagh says:

    Ugh, these are really great photos!

  2. I have got a lott`of photos of you. Nearley like those i saw here. But i`m been photed you by meself. Nice too look at.

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