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  1. Karolis says:

    Hi Anthony,
    My name is Karolis .. i am just a guy form Lithuania, who is RHCP fan ..

    I’ve seen lots of clips on you tube , i’ve red your biography book.. and i can say you are a lithuanian one..
    I am proud of you that you went so far .. i love your music and all the vitality that comes out of it.

    I could buy you some real beers if you come to Lithuania, but i think it would be too dificult for you, so i am sending you best wishes and thanks again for fantastic music.

    Make a concert in Vilnius 🙂 we miss you..

    Karolis Vanagas

    Coutry : Lithuania
    City: Vilnius
    e-mail :

    Mes maži, bet visada pirmi..

    • admin says:

      Hi there! Sorry this is a website dedicated to AK; it’s not actually run by him… but we do all share your thoughts and love for AK. Hopefully you will get your wish and get to see him in concert soon!

  2. Hello Antony.

    I live in Rio de Janeiro and not wait to go to the RHCP concert at Rock in Rio

    But you are wonderful, so you know … laughs

    I just want to know if you’re single? If you are single …… You want to stay with me?

    I took the liberty to take his autograph on the site … laughs

    Please also be sure to sing by the way on his show .. I’ll be there to cry a lot.

    It leaves a comment on my orkut.

    Kiss for you .. especially you. I LOVE YOU.

    • admin says:

      Hi there! I’m Rebecca and I run this site which is dedicated to Anthony but sorry, he has nothing to do with the running of this site himself. I hope you have a great time at Rock in Rio and hopefully you’ll come back here to tell us about it and share any photos you have 🙂

  3. lindinha says:

    anthony, thx that you in my life.
    You chance my life for better 🙂 s2

    i love you very much and your songs too.

    A big kiss for you and i hope i can see you
    in a concert …

    Bye s2s2

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