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Anthony Kiedis does NOT have any social media accounts where fans can access him; no Instagram, no Facebook, no Twitter, etc. 

If you are communicating with Anthony Kiedis on any social media sites, you are 99.9% communicating with a fake account, and you have no idea whom you are actually talking to or, possibly, allowing to view your own posts.

Anyone can add the word ‘verified’ to a Instagram account. It doesn’t mean it is (as I’m writing this, there is currently a fake ‘verified’ account for AK on IG). Likewise, social media accounts currently in Everly Bear’s name are also fake. If an account is verified, it will have a blue tick/check mark, etc. according to the social media site, to prove it. If there is ever a genuine account for Anthony, I will post details.

Flea and Chad Smith are currently the only two members of the band to have social media accounts- look for the verified ones as there are lots of fakes for them too. Josh used to have a Facebook account but he deleted it a couple of years ago. Anyone can set up an account in the name of a band member and some of them are convincing- some people are good at searching for obscure information that can make their accounts look genuine (a fake Flea account was recently taking photos from the real Flea’s IG story and using them to appear genuine). If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. And please, never send things to, or do things, for accounts in band member names as again, you are most likely not communicating with the real person.

As for this website…

This is a totally UNOFFICIAL website. 

I have no connection to Anthony Kiedis. I am not able to forward messages to AK himself. I am just a fan too.  If you want to try to contact Anthony directly,  the only thing I can suggest is mailing him via RHCP’s record company: Warner Bros. 

Please note: members of Anthony’s family do not generally pass messages on to him so please respect their privacy and don’t bother them on social media. And please, don’t turn up at their homes as has been happening recently. It’s not nice for them and is totally inappropriate.

I know many people are desperate to get messages through to Anthony but this isn’t usually possible for fans e.g. unless you meet him in real life. A lot of people email me, or leave comments on here for him, so I set up this page where people can leave messages if they wish. There is no guarantee he will ever read them and it’s unlikely he will ever do so.  It is just an outlet for fans who would like to say something as there is currently no other way. I cannot be held responsible for not delivering them to him, there being no reply, etc.


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  1. Hey AK,
    This is wonderful that we have the chance to leave you an UNOFFICIAL message; a love note nonetheless! I have only been a fan for about 8 years and I am 23 now. I have not gotten to see you preform yet! I actually haven’t gotten the chance to see many artists preform but I have been waiting for RHCP first and foremost. I am finally old enough to start traveling alone and I even got to visit you and the guys for your book signing just recently. 🙂 I found about it a week before and jumped on a plane and stayed with a friend from “couchsufing.” It was so intense, I met so many dedicated fans like myself. It seems that most of the fans get along so well in personality that it was like a family as we grouped up to get out wristbands the day before, and all met up the next day! Anywhere I go they can see the passion I have for your music and some people that can understand and relate I really get a chance to connect with. I read from Scar Tissue about “interpersonal relationships” and I really wish others the knowledge of its importance! When I met you, I remember I had just blanked out and you started talking about the lakes and I mentioned fishing since that was what first popped into my mind. Haha 🙂 Anyhow. I am just excited for your newest album “I’m with you” I have so many RHCP friends online that I have gotten to know that all are going to see you! I am going to finally travel out of the country to see them and watch you all preform…Its so exciting, that the three most passionate things (meeting people and RHCP and traveling) are all coming way so soon. I have never been to a festival and that will be so sweet! I am ready for anything. I am so thankful that I get to follow you, so long as I have time to get tickets and be in the same place you are lol. So, I guess this is just a letter of gratitude for blessing my life with wisdom and soul shaking music. I love you as I love all that I care for! Thank the guys for me too! They mean just as much. Ps. Making love to you makes for the best “funk” in my life. Jeanette (Just Jen)

  2. Chloe Louise says:

    Hey AK,
    Well here is my UNOFFICIAL MESSAGE
    I have been a RHCP fan for about 15 years now (I am 15) but I have an older brother called Jamie and I have always grown up listening to RHCP. One day I was just sitting with my Cousin Christopher and brother Jamie and we were listening to you guys and that was when i really got into RHCP. I’m glad that i have my older brother to get me into Awesome bands like you!. I haven’t seen you guys in concert yet! :'(. I really miss John :'(. Well i’m just going to finish with I love you Anthony xx 🙂

  3. Chloe Louise says:

    Well Hello Again!
    Here is my 2nd AK, unofficial message!
    Hey AK,
    my names Chloe Louise I am 15 years old I absolutely love RHCP! You are my fave band like ever, what i like about you is your not trying too hard to make people (the audience) love you and your not trying to hard to make people like yous! I like that you bring something new to the table like alternative rock/funk. I haven’t managed to see you in concert yet.. But if you count watching you on youtube watchin live vids of you playing like Hyde Park or Slane Castle then i have seen you millions of times. As i said in my previous message I have an older brother named Jamie he is the one to get me into the GOOD DECENT bands over the years like RHCP of course! The first song I heard of yours was Under the bridge! I love that song soo much I love the part where you are running! 😉 I have all your songs on my ipod and music vids I have all your cds and your book Scar Tissue! I live in Northern Ireland Uk, and i can’t really fly over to the big places like Brazil or Japan or France to see you play as it’s too much money to book flight, hotel an everything else but if i had the money i would be in front row 😉 I know this isn’t you but i really wish you would come to Belfast or Dublin!! it’s the only place i can really go to see yous! Anthony i love you! Just gonna finish with xxx Ily Anthony xxx

  4. lisa jane barber says:

    we must respect our mother earths, rap it up! You use me, you abuse me, poison my veins, with acid rains, hack off my hair, ozone burns me bare, cut my flesh, to bury your mess, drilling me dry,makes temperature rise, as i weep, the tide seeps, underneath the door, because you ignored, the universal law, to respect me.So what you gonna do about it? So what u gonna do about it?

  5. Krystal says:

    So if this is really you. I would just like to say i love your music. Gotta say i miss the old funky beat you guys used to have back in the day! all those old songs still get me pumped! Need to have a new album out by now! I’m having withdraws like something fierce!! lol Keep up the good work!

  6. Skyla says:

    Hi AK, I don’t know if you will ever get this, and if you actually did why should you care i mean you get fan comments all the time. Im a kiwi, an earth lover and an animal lover. i don’t just appreciate you and red hot chili peppers for their amazing music i love your beliefs and your passion. Im 15 years old and hopefully coming to see you tour. universally speaking by the way i got dosed by you so please don’t forget me <3

    • Skyla says:

      Oh im also completely and utterly in love with native amrican artwork and culture, so beautiful and in peace with the earth. I just feel we are destined to meet (what fan doesn’t) as friends.

  7. Dani says:

    Hello AK,
    I’m brazilian, I love you and your band, please come to Porto Alegre/RS/Brazil.You will go to São Paulo and Rock in Rio, please come to Porto Alegre too. I really want to see the show and lots of “gaúchos” too, we also deserve a show!Kisses

  8. Chloe Louise says:

    Hey AK,

    Well I know you will never read this but if you did ever get the chance to I would like to say I love you and RHCP’s music and you are my fave band member! I am hoping to see you in the UK on your tour. Can’t wait for the new CD to come out! 🙂 I would like to say that you are an inspiration to me. Even though we will probably never meet I just want you to know that I will always be your fan and love you no matter what and I love the mustache! I think it’s cute (My opinion) but if you did shave it off i think it woulod make you look way younger! Love you AK i got dosed by you when i saw your scar tissue. Love you Ak! 🙂

  9. Chloe Louise says:

    Hey Ak if you were reading this,
    i made a wee mash up for ya (Me just naming all songs you sing in different order)

    I once stood under a bridge
    And i couldn’t take it on the otherside
    to meet my savior,
    cause my friends were so depressed
    they weren’t even there
    It’s hard to concentrate when your heart
    can make a whole stadium arcadium
    tearjerk with you in a slow cheetah pace
    In the emmit remmus i went
    road trippin’ round the world
    but i haven’t yet found californication
    My lovely man I could die for you
    I want you to know I could have lied…
    …I could have lied! I love you AK i think you are amazing I am an animal lover too and a vegetarian! 🙂 I would love to meet you someday! 🙂 Love you AK

  10. Adam Evans says:

    I am sincerely grateful for the love you have given me through the music you have created with John, Flea and Chad..I love your lyrics and your vocals.

    I have learnt so much about music and life through listening to the music. You inspire me to no end, the music is the best Iv ever heard and Im in awe of it.

    John and Flea inspired me to play and you inspired me to write.
    I will continue to write and play and get better everyday just as you guys have continued to do so.

    Many thanks, Ad x

  11. admin says:

    Copied in from another part of the website:

    Bryan K says:

    May 19, 2011 at 4:08 am

    Hello this is a comment for AK. I read your book “Scar Tissue” Fucking awesome… It has inspired me in so many ways. I just got out of a rehab in GA on March 11th and your poetic words put it in a much bigger picture. I see a lot of me in you especially that your birthday is 11-1 and you say how nice it is to have three 1′s in your birthday, well my birthday is 1-11, and that is just for starters. I have been meditaiting as best as I know how and and exercising and that alone has made me feel so much better, thank you. I bet you have 1000′s of questions being asked of you but I hope you can reply to mine. Its not really a question but some feedback from you would be the best present ever. (Give it away)
    I live in Tampa Fl, and while in meditation tonight around twilight hours looking up at a lonley star in the sky I was struck by reality and seen how beautiful my soroundings were and was awe struck. Since leaving rehab I have realized I lost all I have ever worked for including friends and I felt like living here and not amounting to much in life that I am not living up to my full potiential and kind of feel like I am out of place here, now that I dont associate with my friends still in active addiction. I’m sick and tired of taking short cuts. I have lived in the Florida keys for a few years and that is my graceland, that is where I am happy with life.
    I dont really know what I want to hear from you but if you have any words of inspiration you would make a trus fan very happy.
    Thank you for your time.
    tony says:

    July 6, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    hey ak! whats up! i just noticed that on “parallel universe” you say “im with you” and im pumped for your new album! cant wait to hear maggie! hell yea see ya around

  12. Dani says:

    Hi again AK,
    I’m verry happy because I’ll go to see you in the cinema on 30th!I already bought my ticket and I’m anxious to see you!!!!I love you Anthony

  13. Jerusa felix says:

    AK= I’m happy because I can see in every song that was done with the soul, with sensitivity and love, I can see beyond the mountains that RHCP and the best band on planet Earth.

  14. Rob says:

    Ak i just want to say, to the recovering alcoholic you are an inspiration to us all…. thank you, you give me hope and strength, thank you. To do what you do and still stay sober is unheard of and a model we can all follow. Thank you

  15. specialk says:

    Dear AK,
    I wish you were actually going to read this. Thank you for being you!
    As silly as I’m sure it sounds, I honestly feel like I know you. You have penetrated my very soul & made such an impact in my life. I am amazed how connected I feel to you without ever having the honor & pleasure of meeting you. I know it sounds ridiculous and probably makes me sound crazy, but it is true. I have and will forever be a fan! I want you to know how much your music means to me & so many of your fans. It comforts, understands, relates and gets us through good times, bad times & everyday times. Your lyrics make me happy, make me cry, make me hot and get me wet. Oh, if only we could meet in another life, I know it would be something so damn hot it would blow our minds. So, AK even though you will never read this and it is gonna make me sound like a crazy person I LOVE YOU! I do and will continue to for as long as I have breath in my body. Ok, enough already right? Couple things you should know just to make you laugh… I carry a picture of you in my wallet. I have a 5 yr old little girl and when I play (some) of your music for her she walks around saying thats my mom’s boyfriend on the radio. (I have no idea where she got that idea) :o) I should of bought stock in energizer batteries because of you. And for the record AK, I would give it to you so good it would make you scream out my name in 50 different languages. We would be something!

  16. ernani rocha says:

    i love ur song

  17. michael says:

    To whom it may concern, My name is Michael I am writing with, well, a pretty unusual request… eh request isn’t quite right, entreatment maybe? Anyway. OK I’m just gonna dive right in… I’m a heroin addict. And because I’m fair certain that the chances of an actual person reading this are on the chilly side of damn unlikely, I’m gonna leave out the more specific stuff until one of those real people (or at least a robot with Genuine People Personality) responds and at that point I will be as forthcoming as possible. OK, so I’ve been using dope for about 3 years, regularly for about 2 years. I’ve tried to quit a couple times, cold turkey the longest I lasted was a month, I’ve also done a semi-successful taper, I say semi-successful because I was able to get down to a small amount, like once a week, however I’m back up to using as often as I can (daily with gaps of no longer than three days). I am currently unemployed and dodging creditors to whom I owe, you know, not that much in the infinite scheme of things… but enough that spending money that I don’t have on drugs is an even worse idea than usual. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am unable (or unwilling I suppose but the end result is the same) to quit unassisted. The way I see it the methods that are most likely to work are, methadone (keeping you addicted but regulating and monitoring your habit) and buprenorphine (maintenance on an extended taper, I’m not totally sure how long the taper actually is but I think it’s usually between 6 and 18 months). A good friend of mine is on methadone, there is a clinic in town and the prices are actually quite reasonable, so reasonable in fact that he has offered to loan me the money to get on the program and stay on until I have a job and can pay him back. Now methadone is a good fit for my friend, he’s been using a little longer than me and his habit is much more severe, his withdrawals are agonizing, incapacitating even, while mine are, unpleasant to be sure, but I’m able to go about my day more or less cromulently. I’ve not taken him up on his offer because… and you know, nothing against him or any of the countless people methadone has helped or even saved, but I want to quit, not just transfer my addiction. That leaves buprenorphine, from what I’ve heard and read it’s very effective and with the proper motivation it has a high rate of success i.e. cessation of use altogether. Now this brings me to the reason for this verbose and honestly rather dubious beseechment, while there used to be public assistance programs available in my area it seems as though they no longer exist, and the only treatment center outside of private physicians is still prohibitively expensive, in the area of $500 for the initial visit and then something like $700 a month after that. Even once I’m gainfully employed that would be difficult if not downright impossible to maintain. I’m not really sure what I’m asking for, money, advice, someone to contact who may be able to help… Anything that might get me started or at least point me in the right direction. It is quite against character that I am writing this at all, normally my sense of shame and the weird kind of stubbornness about money that comes with growing up poor would prevent me from supplicating so, but I guess the near 0% chance that anyone is going to reply to this makes it easier. I’m sending this message to high profile people whom I admire and who have experience dealing with this addiction, either yourself or someone you love. I can’t say that I am more deserving of help than any of the innumerable folk in my position, I guess I’m going for a ” success happens to those who show up” kinda thing. Again should any of you out there actually read this and would like to know anything more about me please reply to this and I will try to respond as honestly as I can. So off I send this message in a bottle, to float about on the current of compassion and computers, the sea of sympathy and servers, the aqueduct of alliteration and… well you get the drift. So in closing… Thanks? I honestly do hope that the universe tosses me one here, I’m rapidly closing in on complete and utter mental breakdown, not to mention the whole, you know, desperate junkie routine.

  18. Cinara Alberton da Conceição says:

    I Want Anthony Kiedis Gives me a chance? S2

  19. Ash says:

    I just wanted to say that I also have had some of the same issues growing up (with the same drug battle…). RHCP has always been in my life. I was recently hospitalized for 14 days and the outcome for my past choices in life on drugs has now left me with possible open heart surgery and I am only 24. (one in 10,000 at my age to face this.) Every morning in the hospital I woke up listening to your music and words. I still do every morning b/c I havent fought this battle yet. Its a day to day process. I go in Nov to see my surgeon again and he is going to tell me wether or not he is gonna have to saw me open. All I want to say is thank you b/c without your music… your words… I wouldnt have woken up each morning with the most positive outlook and been ready to hear whatever news was coming to me that day. And when all of this is over and I am healed my next tattoo is in dedication to what your music did for me through the hospital and home care (since I am hooked up to antibiotics 24/7). I Live through music and Im thankful each day I am still here to listen to it. I cant wait for this tat b/c I have worked on it for 3 years now and since the inncident listening to your music each morning while working on it i have finished it and ready to get it put on!! You just have no idea what your music (and the band together) has done for me and i just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart…. I dont think I could have face each day with anyone elses inspiration. And this whole experience has def put an end to an on going battle that you and I both face that will never help us in the end. And I just cant get enough so please keep those words flowing and the music playing!

  20. My Anthony!
    My name is Adriana, I’m 23 years old.
    You’re the most beautiful thing I remember the 1st time I saw you singing in rock and river, and I was enchanted by you, not so long ago!
    Need to see you, I will be traveling to try to find you, it’s a goal I have and I will achieve!
    I admire you and your voice is wonderful!
    Every day I have to see you, hear your voice, I need you!
    You have no idea how great my love for you! I love you very much!

    Kisses and Kisses!!

    Adriana Gomes
    Brazil – Rio de Janeiro

  21. anthony richards says:

    hi anthony you may think this letter is crazy i live in a sober living in los angeles ca i have three years sober and clean we have friend who has about given up on life she is a great person but has mental problems she has been in and out of mental hospitals and jail for the last 3 months she will not except help from anyone and i really love her very much she has decided to live like a bumb in malibu and give up her sobriety im very worried she will die very soon i know that she will listen to you as she loves your music so much she has told me that she would anthony is a matter of life or death i hope that you read this and that you can help her and us i would be writing you this if this situation was not sincere please email me back if you read this letter i dont think she has much time please help thank you anthony richards

  22. leanne ward says:

    The only music I ever need to hear is RHCP. The only face I ever need to see is yours. Anthony, I love you!!

  23. Red Hot TILLY Peppers says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE whoever runs this thing, if you know anthony please get him to read my comment on his birthday page! I’M A DESPERATE 13 YEAR OLD GIRL AND HIS BIGGEST FAN!!!!! 😀 xxxxxx

    • admin says:

      Hey! I run this; I’m Rebecca. Sorry I’m just another fan and have no way of getting messages through to Anthony Kiedis direct; letting people post on here is the bast i can offer x

  24. Rachael says:

    Sir Psycho Sexy Roks. Past And Present, Love The Funky~Beat!!!

  25. agustina says:

    Español Francés Alemán Italiano Catalán Portugués Japonés Chino Coreano Alemán Árabe Búlgaro Catalán Checo Chino Coreano Croata Danés Eslovaco Esloveno Español Francés Griego Hebreo Holandés Inglés Italiano Japonés Letón Lituano Polaco Portugués Rumano Ruso Serbio Sueco

    anthony Hello my name is argentina vivo agustina buenos aires have 16 years and you just keria desir I love you with all my heart I love you as I am 7 years old when I saw you in by the way wow me enamore of yourself and your music is great I have all your cds also I am with you and photos and posters… I love you too and I hope one day go to the california or wherever to estes and desirtelo personally you’re my life and you are the person most beautiful that I saw I love te amo muchisimo kisses to where you like…

  26. Sam says:

    I just read your book, that’s been sitting on our bookshelf for the past 5 years. I brought it for my husband way back when. He kept on telling me to read it, knowing l’d get right into it. I am a huge music fan and with the mention of the likes of Niel Young, Cher, Sonny, Pearl Jam and Nirvana, he knew l’d get all rapt up. But because l am such a Virgo control freak and like to choose what l’ll read and when l’ll read it, i have only picked it up this week… and also finished this week. At first l’m thinking this is a fu#%ed up world for a kid to be living (being a mother of a 9 year old). Sure there was love and lots of it but the thought of my daughter being there is scary. Anyway life can suck the big one in many ways. Your’s did in many good ways. The ways that just feel you with positive adrenalin and give you a feeling of belonging. And then there is the sad arse ways that push you so deep down into your world that it takes a gut full of energy to get out. I cared for you all through out this book but it was when you repeatedly kept returning to your world of getting high, that l began to think ‘loser’, get it together. The world is at your feet. What a heartless way to feel. What a heartless thing to think. I thought, thank f#*k i’d never been there. And then l realized. Maybe l had not been doing all the dirty downtown shit you’d been up too, but l had read you four final chapters in my bed, over four days, with my curtains closed. I didn’t answer the phone and l didn’t help my daughter get ready for school. Daylight was too bright and voices too loud. Cars too destructive and wind and sun too painful… Often an on going behaviour for me….Blah blah blah. Anyway, I’ve arranged to set up the chairs at my daughters school assembly each week. I cannot wait.
    Thanks dude xxxx

  27. lupita says:

    hi girls all want to send his words to anthony but can not. familares a U.S. that I have told me the address of anthony if you want to send a letter requesting an autograph or a fan letter please send me your questions to my mail! thanks lupii

  28. kathly mcallister says:

    i want to know why you are skipping the north east altogether

    • admin says:

      Not all of the US tour dates have been announced yet as far as I know; think there are more to come so hold on and hopefully dates there will confirm later on in the year

  29. Patricia Artes says:

    Just would like to send the message…… Anthony! I’m send love and the healing energy for your quick recovery!!

  30. Ana says:

    Hi AK and AK lovers!

    How powerful your lyrics are. They inspire us…..love us…..touch us….and hold us. You have that ability with a turn of a phrase to change our outlook on life. To help us feel better…better than our drug if choice ever did….cuz your words are real and touching…and they last and get passed along….to all of us when we need it.

    Bless you AK and the rest of the band in all its forms. You’re an amazing man!

    Nothing is sweeter than seeing the man and the father you have become. Everly is your blessing and the voice of the Universe saying “well done, young blood; you’ve come so far. This boy is your reward for all your pain and tears from the past!”

  31. lupita says:

    I love you’re my idol in every dream I have with you I fall in love more and more wherever you are and whatever you do I love you I love you break your foot, back or head’re my man but you do not have here to telling you all this that I love you all my life and I will love. and when you will return to Argentina antonio hahaha I love you I love you and I’ll love you until the last moment of my life you’re the love of my life blood runs through my heart that is full of pure feelings that only think of you
    when you may not know is I love you i love you i love you a and oh thank you for accepting me into your twiter much I love you I have you in my stand but also in my heart i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Lu

  32. leonardo camargo says:

    hi anthony you and the best guy I’m from Brazil very popular here and you admire their hisotria q and the person you and I’m a fan of RHCP heart of the success for real!

  33. leonardo camargo says:

    please come do another show in Brazil! you’re the red hot chili peppers and inspiration to my life

  34. leonardo camargo says:

    hi anthony hope you read this message left by a big fan of his and a wonderful person you admire you a lot if you read this know that here is a guy who admires you anthony you’re the world’s best health and much success to you to your child and your entire family

  35. Ana says:

    Got my ticket for the Cleveland show….floor seat! See ya there Anthony! I can’t wait! !!

  36. lupita says:

    As you know, Flea answered! He said that the poll’s results will be hard to count.
    BUT! There is an alternative! There is a “Twitter app” that let you do polls!
    “Poll.tw”, so, we are going to re-tweet them! Maybe we are going to choose the next song for the setlist!.
    See you next attack (?)
    Thanks everybody for the good feedback!

    As you know, Flea answered! He said that the poll’s results will be hard to count.
    BUT! There is an alternative! There is a “Twitter app” that let you do polls!
    “Poll.tw”, so, we are going to re-tweet them! Maybe we are going to choose the next song for the setlist!.
    See you next attack (?)
    Thanks everybody for the good feedback!

    As you know, Flea answered! He said that the poll’s results will be hard to count.
    BUT! There is an alternative! There is a “Twitter app” that let you do polls!
    “Poll.tw”, so, we are going to re-tweet them! Maybe we are going to choose the next song for the setlist!.
    See you next attack (?)
    Thanks everybody for the good feedback!
    this is the message
    @flea333 you can do the poll in “poll.tw” its a great app for twitter! #imwithyoursong PLEASE!

    for more songs and different music!!!!!!!!! we want old !!!!!!!!!!!

  37. lupita says:

    As you know, Flea answered! He said that the poll’s results will be hard to count.
    BUT! There is an alternative! There is a “Twitter app” that let you do polls!
    “Poll.tw”, so, we are going to re-tweet them! Maybe we are going to choose the next song for the setlist!.
    See you next attack (?)
    Thanks everybody for the good feedback!

    As you know, Flea answered! He said that the poll’s results will be hard to count.
    BUT! There is an alternative! There is a “Twitter app” that let you do polls!
    “Poll.tw”, so, we are going to re-tweet them! Maybe we are going to choose the next song for the setlist!.
    See you next attack (?)
    Thanks everybody for the good feedback!

    As you know, Flea answered! He said that the poll’s results will be hard to count.
    BUT! There is an alternative! There is a “Twitter app” that let you do polls!
    “Poll.tw”, so, we are going to re-tweet them! Maybe we are going to choose the next song for the setlist!.
    See you next attack (?)
    Thanks everybody for the good feedback!
    this is the message
    @flea333 you can do the poll in “poll.tw” its a great app for twitter! #imwithyoursong PLEASE!

  38. I’m sure there’s nothing I could say that you haven’t heard before. I’ve loved your music forever, you’re awesome, fucking hot..blah blah blah. I saw you in Charlotte, N.C.. and I wished that it was a more intimate show… I wish I had seen you before there were literally thousands of people at your shows. To feel your energy would be absolutely divine. You strike me as a person that isn’t full of themselves despite the fame but seem overwhelmed by everyone else’s energy & emotions and you’re just like a walking explosion of energy that attracts like a magnet. I bet you’re a lot of fun to be around when you’re just chillin & being yourself.

  39. Lee Walker says:

    I’ve been jammin on peppers since mothers mil….im a father of 7 sons & 1 daughter….
    I would love nothing more then to have a pic hanging on my wall of me & the chilis
    …i live east coast….7920 e. Washington st. NC 27302

  40. Chikiedy says:

    Is there any way you could play Bayfest in Mobile? It’s the same weekend of the New Orleans show and only a couple of hours away. RHCP would be a great addition to the line up. Peace.

  41. A says:


    I love you man!


  42. Chikiedy says:

    Havent heard youre added to Mobile show. Bayfest usually has a good lineup. Not this year, with all due respect to the few bands that are playing. Hope I can get to New Orleans. Pogo stick maybe. Hmmm…

  43. Lorena says:

    Hello Anthony,
    Being a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is like sunset on the beach with the music being the waves in a career as vast as the ocean and your words being the beautiful sky while I’m watching and can’t look away and don’t want to. I may be a she’ll in a collection on the beach or maybe even in the whole scheme of things a grain of sand. But your words thrill me and make a positive difference in my life every day. Your Birthday is coming up and I’d love to send a card and some artwork. There are allot of addresses for you out there. Where is the best place to send mail to you? I love sewing what a wonderful Dad you are to Everly. Take care and be safe,
    Lorena in Colorado

  44. Lorena says:

    Hi again,
    I contacted you by phone and used Swype on a tiny screen. Sorry I didn’t edit. Hopefully you got my meaning or someone kind made corrections for me. Best wishes, Lorena

  45. Freak in the magiority. says:

    Hi AK!
    I simply wanted to say that I love you with every inch of my body and soul althought you’ll never read this. I send you love love love love love love love and only love. One day we will meet. Till than stay awesome!

  46. Freak in the magiority. says:

    one more thing i have to say : Ding ding dong dong ding ding dong dong ding deng.

  47. Freak in the magiority. says:

    and i almost forgot to beg you to come again to CROATIA… On your first show here i cried like a baby when it had ended,you touched me… Deep down inside i felt your music,can’t find a normal words to describe my feelings,it was a pure magic for me,something I never expirienced before and i’ve been to many concerts before. Please come again so I can stay in Fan Pit,not so far away from you Anthony. <3 It would make me go over the moon,how happy I will be if you come again,not only me,the whole country will start jumpin cuz you got something to say. <3333333333333

  48. Ana Raissa says:

    Dear Anthony Kiedis…

    I start my “letter” saying “Bird”.
    You are a bird that is trapped alone inside the cage and want be free of this hard world and you can,you only need find yourself and go ahead because you are not alone!
    Many girls loves you but anyone knows who is your endless love and this way you need find and don’t give up! I’m more one girl who love you very much and I can’t live without your voice,without your face because you gave me the love of my life and I can’t hide this because I feel you by my side or just in my heart!
    Everynight I look at the stars and I ask “where are you,Anthony? Are you alone?” I really talk to the stars waiting you answer me,I know this is crazy but this is the only way I can “talk to you”.
    The days spend and you are not with me because you are so far away and I can see,can hug,can kiss you only in my dreams…
    I never had a boyfriend and I can’t because I LOVE YOU and I don’t give up,you are my star you are the reason of my life.We have many similiares things:
    I have Lithuanian blood
    I’m vegetarian
    I love animals
    I love surf
    My zodiac sign matches your
    My hair is like your hair,when you had a long hair
    But we have difference,you are too old for me but I don’t care because my love can overcame and people can say you never will loves me but I don’t need listen because I know this is not true and I have faith that one day I will see you!
    Maybe you are so tired that you slept a long the way and can’t see your true love…I’m here with you!
    Baby I don’t have word to explain what you mean to me,so I finish my letter saying “I LOVE YOU ANTHONY KIEDIS!” :-{D

  49. Raissa Lima says:

    Hello Anthony! I am your fan here in Brazil. Never had the opportunity to personally tell you everything I feel for you and I feel for the peppers … Here goes:
    You are my biggest inspiration e in my bed there are several photos of you and on my computer too! I’m almost always wearing a shirt written: Red Hot Chili Peppers * Selves or crazy for you, and I still hope to see them in person and tell her how much I love this band, and this man called Anthony Kiedis! (Sorry for the mistakes, after all, I’m the translator)

  50. Aceof Spades says:





  51. Lorena says:

    Merry Christmas Anthony! 🙂 I hope yours is wonderful and filled with family and friends and warmth, laughter and love. You have made my world a brighter place in 2012 and I’m sure that will continue in 2013. You are an amazing gifted person. All the best wishes always, Lorena King in Arvada, CO

  52. Lorena says:

    Happy New Year Anthony! I hope you and the band play Vegas again next year because if you do I will be there. My whole family wants to go really. Lol. Take care of yourself, Lorena

  53. Lorena says:

    You know, I hope you don’t get sick of me. I like to believe these messages do get read. I watched your concert from 2006 at La Cigale in Paris and by the end I was convinced it was the most talented sexy show I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised security wasn’t throwing women off the stage. Damn Anthony! Lol. Anyway, then I go online to a social networking site and your profile picture has changed to blond again and shaved. If the mustache is truly gone I will literally throw a party to celebrate. You don’t know how distressing the last couple years have been for me because as your fan I love everything about you but I detest the mustache. I do in general anyway but especially on you. I’m so sorry. Anyway, is the profile picture real or for today our just a tease from the past? Someone please tell me the truth! Anthony I apologize for being critical of your appearance. I can’t wait to hear the new version of I’m With You. Love, Lorena

  54. Lorena says:

    In addition to my last message I figure while I’m feeling so strongly about the matter of your appearance I need to bring up the Off hat. Clearly written in bold letters across the front of the hat are directions to take on what to do with that hat. Lol. Really if you like the band a shirt would be better or a sign or let them be an opening act for RHCP on tour but for Gods sakes its a trucker hat and ugly as sin. Very unflattering. Now you know I’m not the only person who has these thoughts about the mustache and the hat. I have friends and family who will come to my party and it will be so lots and joyful the neighbors will complain and the police will probably get called.I would not mind.Just so you know my teen daughter and her friends are planning a shaving escapade at your hotel the next time youre in Denver.They even have a code word of kiwi.Since you like younger girls I figure you would be more amused than alarmed.However, these messages are very heart felt to me and other women out there of all ages I’m sure. Anthony please consider these messages seriously. I’m sorry if I offended you in any way.There are probably fans who do love the mustache. Chad Smith said someone posted you look like a Mexican porn star. But honestly those fans have had enough time to enjoy it now. I read somewhere that you think it makes you look like an intellectual but Anthony just a sentence or two from you and we all know how intelligent you are. The mustache does not make you look smarter. The worst comment about it I’ve read was someone saying you look like a punk rock Hitler. I’m so sorry. Really. I just have held in these feelings on the mustache and the trucker hat for too long.Anthony you don’t even want to know the plans my teen daughter and friends have for that hat.Well anyway, I do hope these comments are posted and read by you or someone r with great influence to you in your life. I think if you shave and take off the hat you will see an increase in messages from other females too.Please don’t call the FBI on my daughter its just the fantasy of young girls.No harm will come to you and we really want you to come back to Denver. Love from your loyal fan, Lorena

    • Niki says:

      I think people’s ugly opinions are a reflection of themselves more than what it means about the matter at hand..does his mustache affect.your life what if he goes commando or brushes his teeth before eating dinner it doesn’t really matter what matters is respecting somebody’s individuality.

  55. Magdalena says:

    Anthony Kiedis Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Magdalena

  56. L'zanne says:

    Im in love with you Anthony i wanna give u heaven on your dick if only i could show u my stuff once mmmm id keep u 4eva if u Eva in qld call me 0431110499

  57. Lorena says:

    Happy Valentines Day Anthony! I hope yours is everything you want it to be. If not feel free to contact me! 🙂 Lol. But shave first…please. Love ya, Lorena

  58. amber says:

    Hi I have been listening to RHCP since the 90’s. I’m a recovering heroin/cocaine addict. I just finished your book and I cried so many times; not because it was sad but it was so amazing how it was like you were reaching into my soul. This time I have nine months clean but I to think about how I could get high every day. I go to Celebrate Recovery and I truly believe what u said about “giving it away”. Its the only thing I’ve really done different this time and this is the longest I’ve been clean. Thanks for being so real. Its nice to know that there are amazing people like US out there that have amazing stories to tell. When people ask why I’d chose to tell people my story, I tell them because,” I have found a way to embrace my past” without the chaos! Peace, love, and sobriety.

    • Niki says:

      Hi Amber I hope in all of.life’s goodness you have stayed sober. There is no greater accomplishment than defeating the darkness in each of us. I have not touched heroin since 1998. I will pray for your strength and continued sobriety.

  59. Drew Salazar says:

    Hey Anthony, I would really dig it if you would sign a copy of Californication for my girl friend. She would really dig it! I hope you get this man. Peace to you and the rest of the band. Please answer brotha man!! Thanks


  60. Luana Bandeira says:

    Anthony, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BAND … Please back to Brazil !!! I need!!! Love You!!!

  61. Niki says:

    I had a moment eating a sandwich in a open air mall in Maui I was feeding birds my crumbs as they flew up and took them out of.my hands I saw a group of men watching me and locked eyes and waived well whenever I hear the song scar tissue it reminds me of this beautiful but tragic time as I was only 16 a punk rock black haired girl living in paradise and addicted to heroin and amoungst countless other drugs at my disposal.Although I needed a knight in shining armour to come rescue me I made a full recovery by my moving away from all the influence that hindered me and all contributed to huge blessings from the God all around us. Years later in 2011 as this was 17 years ago I read the book Scar tissue and it resonated with me deeply because how much I could relate. The poetry moves me, inspires me, and I’m forever drawn to the moments that never let me go and some funky passion we call the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So thank you for every which way I have grown inspired by attaching AKs lyrics to the melody in my life.

    • Niki says:

      Ps revisiting this timeline I was actually almost 16 and was 1997. I had moved around a bit after leaving the island. Putting it all together would put me in Lahaina in October that year

  62. Nicole Zimmermann says:

    Happy Birthday, Anthony 🎂🎁🎉🎊

  63. JayCee Botes says:

    Ak, dude wth, first i saw and heard RHCP was in “touch guys”(dont ask :p), instantly hooked. Your band has been my dirty lil secret for many year. thank you for speaking to my soul(i’m now 46 and feel younger every time i listen to RHCP. It would be a blessing to experience you lot in person. Thank you for so much… next level ps. love you Flea
    Funk-on guys!!

  64. Ryan Malone says:

    I’m about to go to my 20th rehab for alcohol. My last roommate overdosed and died from heroin. I’m from Louisiana, but I’m going to treatment in California. I keep listening to “Make You Feel Better”

    • admin says:

      Sending you love and best wishes to stay strong and to beat this. I lost my husband to alcohol so I know exactly what the consequences of failure are. Look after yourself. You CAN do this. I know it’s not the easy choice to do so, but that choice is there. Have you read Anthony’s book? He talks about deciding to make the choice to survive and from all I’ve been through on the “other side” of addiction, I really believe in that idea of choice. And I think that is the defining difference between success and failure. You have to want to choose life and be prepared to mean that and battle for it. Stay strong. Good song choice. <3

  65. Beth Gibson says:

    After reading Scar Tissue I was able to see the life my brother led. Three months ago he begged me for forgiveness after decades, just out of the blue. Our family had always thought he was an alcoholic; however, we discovered it went much deeper. Today, I have my brother back and I feel like I can somewhat relate to how rough his life must have been. My ex boyfriend (PR/Native American) related to you when I shared your story- he saw it was OK to ask for help and is now is in professional treatment. Your story gives you a voice that is relatable and therapeutic at the same time. I’ve loved you from afar since the 80s. Have someone supposedly on Twitter impersonating you now expressing their undying love and asking in the next sentence for $2k to meet you. World is a crazy place- hope you are well and life is good to you and your family! Much love and blessings!

    • admin says:

      This is a fan page too. We have nothing to do with Anthony himself, but your story is inspiring and I’m so glad it’s turned out this way.

      Oh so that’s the game! There’s a corresponding fake page on FaceBook to that Twitter one (I avoid Twitter but I’d heard about it) and I knew sooner or later there would be a catch- when people take family photos and say “my Dad” you know it’s never going to be good.

  66. Anthony I’m so much of a fan of yours I love playing the drums and singing your songs I’m actually very much in love with you .hope to meet you one of these day in real life and get to know you

  67. Rebecca R says:

    No judgement zone right?~
    How do you connect in a world with too much connection…
    I could put in my bumble all day I need an Anthony Kiedis, but have you ever seen another you walking down the street? I don’t, and I’m in a city of imposters. So that’s a feat to see. That’s why I write, to cast a line like the missed connections section. A bottle with a message out to sea ( we all know it’s stays relatively close unless a current is near). So Let me pray for a current to carry this to another longing soul. For peace, amd understanding, calm, and acceptance.

  68. Susie says:

    I love you Anthony Keidis as you are the sexiest man alive in the music world, love from Sue in Sydney……xxxxxx.

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