2015: Happy Birthday AK!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Anthony Kiedis! Here’s hoping he has a really lovely day.


 If anyone wants to leave a message here, please feel free to do so! (Just remember this is an unofficial page and there’s no contact directly with AK himself).

5 Responses to 2015: Happy Birthday AK!

  1. Shannon T #565 says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Much Love from Maine.

  2. shell baby says:

    Happy birthday xo

  3. Irene says:

    Happy birthday Anthony!! I love you so much and I hope you’re having a wonderful day! 🙂 ♥ Love from Italy
    Irene, 16

  4. Nicole Zimmermann says:

    Happy Birthday, Anthony :-)!!!!!!!

  5. Eva Lotta says:

    Hm… I’m a little late, but happy birthday.

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