2014: Happy Birthday



Happy Birthday to Anthony!!


Please feel free to leave any birthday messages in the comments below 🙂 Just be aware this is an unofficial site with no actual links to Anthony. (I’ll leave this as a main heading for a couple of days and then I’ll move it into the ‘Hi AK’ section. There is also the Facebook page.

5 Responses to 2014: Happy Birthday

  1. Meriem says:

    Happy Birthday Anthony Kiedis I love you, I like you, I adore you……
    Your Great Fan in the World !

  2. Shannon Turner says:

    Happy Birthday handsome AK. Such an amazing talented man. Much love from Rockinfreakapotami #565 in Maine. Hope you have a great birthday and many more. Xoxoxo

  3. Jackie edge says:

    Happy Birthday Anthony! Have the best birthday in the world! x

  4. Aley says:


  5. Marty Fuhrman says:

    Happy Birthday( 52nd )Anthony Kiedis hope you have a wonderful day! Keep on rocking!!!!!

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