TheChiliSource our sister site which is dedicated to all things Red Hot Chili Peppers and has a dedicated forum to all of the band members including Anthony Kiedis.

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  1. Antoaneta Ivanova says:

    Today in Bulgaria is Saint Anhtony! Have a nice day from me and my daughter Andrea – she’s 4 years old now the 29.01 and she adores you – “uncle Tony niked” – She’s favorite songs are Otherside and Snow:))))

  2. Jerusa felix says:

    I’m happy because I can see in every song that was done with the soul, with sensitivity and love, I can see beyond the mountains that RHCP and the best band on planet Earth.

  3. Bridgette says:

    Does anyone know what brand of sneakers Anthony is wearing in the back of the I’m With You CD booklet? The blue ones? hit me up on FB if you know, thanks in advance :)

  4. ML-Portugal says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Big hug and happy birthday greetings from Portugal !!

  5. ML-Portugal says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Big hug and birthday greetings from Portugal.
    Don’t know what I would do without your music !!
    Love MJ

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